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Yomogi mochi to Welcome Spring. But How Is It Made?

This video shows you how to make Yomogi mochi, a traditional snack to welcome spring in Japan.

Mugwort is a member of the daisy family and is an herb used all over the world, although its aroma and taste varies depending on where it is grown.
Since ancient times, mugwort has been used to repel insects, as dye, and as a remedy for bronchitis and colds.

Yomogi mochi can be found in wagashi (Japanese candy) shops in spring.
Mugwort has also been used for a long time, but there are actually poisonous plants that are very similar to mugwort that you need to be careful not to pick.
Some of them can be life-threatening in small doses, so be careful.

Below is how you can make yomogi mochi, as shown in the video.

1. Add salt to boiling water and boil the mugwort for 30 seconds then soak in cold water.
2. Squeeze out the water and chop into small pieces.
3. Add 200g of adzuki beans and 600ml of water to a pot and put on high heat.
4. Once the water comes to a boil, strains the beans and return them to the pot.
5. Add another 600ml of water and put on high heat.
6. Once it comes to a boil, reduce the heat and boil it for 40 to 60 minutes, keeping it fluffy.
7. When you can squish the beans effortlessly, add 120g of beet sugar and a pinch of salt and stir.
8. If you're using brown rice, make sure it's polished.
9. Soak the glutinous rice in water for at least 8 hours.
10. Drain the water from the glutinous rice and steam it in a steamer for around 30 minutes.
11. Mix the glutinous rice and mugwort leaves and put it in a stand mixer for 10 minutes.
12. Flour and cut into 50g pieces.
13. Cut up the rice cake, roll it out flat, wrap it in anko, shape it and you're done!

You need time to soak the glutinous rice in water, so you'll need to prepare it the day before.
Nothing beats fresh, homemade yomogi mochi!
Be sure to check out how it's made in the video!

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Making Yomogi Mochi to Celebrate the Arrival of Spring! Learn the Cooking Process With Beautiful Images and Wonderful Cooking Sounds!
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