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What is Kusatsu Onsen, located in Gunma Prefecture?

This video is titled Kusatsu Onsen, JAPAN - Winter - 4K (Ultra HD)(Kusatsu Onsen, JAPAN - Winter - 4K (Ultra HD) / 草津温泉) / Kusatsu Onsen made by Kusatsu Onsen Tourism Association, and is a winter season tourist video to promote Kusatsu Onsen.

Kusatsu machi, home to Kusatsu Onsen, is a town located amidst the mountains of Gunma prefecture in Japan's Kanto region.
The winter is cold in Gunma and it often tends to snow. Because of this, there are many different winter activities that you can enjoy during your visit. Why not stay at a traditional Japanese hot-spring-inn to enjoy sightseeing and experience winter activities in Kusatsu Onsen in Gunma prefecture?

As well as the beautiful scenery, the video also shows you all the activities and foods that you can try in Kusatsu Onsen.
Get ready for a fun filled adventure during Kusatsu Onsen's snow covered winter.

Winter sports at Kusatsu Onsen, Gunma prefecture

Image of Kid skiyer

There is plenty of snow in the Kusatsu Onsen area. Therefore, skiing and snowboarding are quite popular.
The Kusatsu Onsen ski resort in Gunma prefecture has an elevation of 1600m (~5200 ft.) at its highest point, so you can enjoy doing winter sports with a beautiful view.

There are areas for young children to safely have snowball fights, build snowmen, and go sledding as well.
Kusatsu Onsen Ski resort is close to Kusatsu hot spring town which makes it easy to pick up any supplies you may need or forgot to pick up before arriving.
These winter sports are shown from 0:15 in the video.
Enjoy the skiing, snowboarding, and sledding that it provides for your viewing pleasure.

Finished skiing? Head over to the hot springs!

After a fun filled day of skiing and sledding, why not take a dip in the refreshing hot springs the Kusatsu Onsen has to offer?
The invigorating water of the Kusatsu Onsen is full of minerals that a sure to heal your body and leave you feeling refreshed after a long day.
There are secret Japanese hot-spring-inns and hotels, where day trip tourists can also use the hot springs without staying overnight.

The Hot spring water of the Kusatsu Onsen is said to be effective for nerve pain, muscle, and joint pain, as well as frozen shoulders, motor paralysis, stiff joints, bruises, sprains, chronic digestive problems, hemorrhoids, excessive sensitivity to coldness, chronic skin problems, hardening of arteries, cuts, burns, physically weak children, chronic female reproductive complications, diabetes, high blood pressure, and the list goes on.

In Kusatsu Onsen, the hot water is not cooled down by adding cold water either. To lower the temperature, the onsen works use a method called "Yumomi" which involves churning the hot water using a long wooden board, that in turn cools the water without diluting it. This preserves all of the rich minerals that heal the body. You can actually use the stick yourself to experience this culture of ‘Yumomi’ as well.
To see Yumomi in action, take a look at 1:36 in the video to get a better understanding of how this accomplished.

There are many restaurants in Kusatsu Onsen area where they serve truly delicious dishes.
Our recommendations are Ramen, Large size Buckwheat Soba noodles, and barbecued beef.
Kusatsu Ramen is introduced at 1:58 in the video. A flavorful bowl of Ramen will be just what you need to warm up in this winter wonderland.

The mineral pools of Kusatsu Onsen, Gunma prefecture.

In Kusatsu hot spring town, we recommend strolling around the beautiful mineral pools. The mineral field is used to adjust the temperature of the water as well as to harvest mineral deposits of the hot spring. The mineral pools have a long history and have been traditionally looked after by the local people.
A mineral pool is shown from 0:55 in the video. Steam from the hot spring brings up the beautiful view of Kusatsu Onsen in Gunma during the winter.

Check out the seasonal event called Yubatake Candle.
This event is shown from 2:23 in the video. It brings you the mystical atmosphere of Kusatsu Onsen.

Winter in Kusatsu Onsen- A summary

Kusatsu Onsen area in Gunma attracts many tourists for winter activities.

You can enjoy skiing and snowboarding, relax in the hot springs or try out delicious local dishes as shown in the video. In winter, be sure to check out Kusatsu Onsen in Gunma prefecture and create lifelong memories of your travels in Japan.

【Official Website】Gunma Prefecture Kusatsu Machi Town Hall Website

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Kusatsu Onsen Hot Spring, Gunma Prefecture- Beautiful Scenery, Skiing, Hot Springs, and Local Food and Events, All in This Beautiful Winter Wonderland
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