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Reihoku, Amakusa, Kyushu

This video is a promotional video for Reihoku, Amakusa in Kumamoto, Kyushu titled "reihoku," created by "Reihoku Town Hall."
The video introduces the many attractive places and magnificent nature of Reihoku, Amakusa, Kumamoto.

Reihoku is the perfect place to visit if you like the ocean.
Check out Tomioka castle and Tomioka visiter center if you're looking for a tasteful sightseeing tour.
The video shows the many different tourist spots dotted around Reihoku.
Let's take a look!

Amakusa, Kumamoto - A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Image of Sakizu Church
Photo:Sakizu Church

The Amakusa area in Kumamoto, Kyushu was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2018.
The World Heritage Site "Hidden Christian Sites in the Nagasaki Region" is where you can feel the history and culture of Japanese Christianity.
It has been about 450 years since Christianity was introduced to Japan.

Visit the different churches and experience Japan's culture of Christianity.
At 1:39 in the video, you can see a statue of the Virgin Mary on a cliff.
It's very beautiful even if you don't follow Christianity.

Ocean Views in Reihoku, Kumamoto

Image of Yatsushiro Sea
Photo:Yatsushiro Sea

You can go on a cruise where you can see dolphins from Tomioka port.
You'll be fascinated to see all the different beautiful ocean views that the cruise offers.

There are other popular spots such as Tomioka beach, Shikizaki cape, and Oppai rock (Lit. "Breast Rock") in Amakusa ocean.
We recommend the Reihoku steam ship for sightseeing. It's only a 45-minute ride between Amakusa and Nagasaki.
Try the popular tour of Reihoku Thermal Power Plant that takes place on the day the power plant was opened.
Check the video at 1:05 to see the rock cruising.
There are so many photo locations for Instagram!

Gourmet Food in Reihoku, Amakusa

Image of Nagasaki chanpon noodles
Photo:Nagasaki chanpon noodles

Fresh sea food is a must in Reihoku, Amakusa. Try the freshly caught fish and oysters from Reihoku!
Amakusa area is also famous for cabbage.
At 2:42 in the video, all of the gourmet foods are introduced.
Which one are you thinking about trying?

Nagasaki chanpon noodles are another must-eat food since Amakusa is close to Nagasaki. Fill your belly with all the delicious Amakusa cuisine.
The Cultivation of pearls is also famous in Amakusa.
You can even purchase them as souvenirs!

Summary of Reihoku, Amakusa, Kumamoto

As you can see in the video, Reihoku is a small, yet beautiful town surrounded by beautiful nature.

If you're planning to visit Amakusa, try to reserve a hotel next to the ocean.
It'll be an unforgettable trip.

【Official Website】Reihoku town office in Amakusa, Kumamoto

【Tripadvisor】Reihoku, Amakusa, Kumamoto Tourist

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Last Updated : Jul. 31, 2021
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Reihoku, Kumamoto- Where Christianity Was Introduced to Japan More Than 450 Years Ago. Introducing Tourist Spots, Gourmet Food, and the Nature of Reihoku, Amakusa, Kumamoto!
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