A Female Solo Camper at Bubetsu Forest Camping Field: Video Introduction

This video, titled "[Hokkaido Women's Camping] Bubetsu Forest Camping Field" (【北海道キャンプ女子】ブウベツの森キャンプ場), was uploaded by "Keco Cam 🏕🏔ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ" (けこキャン 🏕🏔ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ).

Bubetsu Forest Camping Field: Information About the Campground in Hokkaido, Japan

Bubetsu Forest Camping Field opened in Hokkaido in July 2020 in Shiraoi, Hokkaido, a town rich in nature. It is a handmade campground that was originally built by professional forestry workers.

There are 13 auto-camping sites, 3 pet-friendly sites, 30 free sites, and 2 BIG sites. This cozy campground is popular with a wide range of campers, including beginner campers, solo campers, family campers, and women's campers.

Since Bubetsu Forest Camping Field has only been open for a short time, reviews say that facilities such as restrooms and cooking facilities are new and clean. Although it is not a large campground, the quiet forest is comfortable and allows visitors to settle in and enjoy themselves.

The ground at the site is covered with a thick layer of volcanic gravel, which is said to prevent puddles from forming.
Furthermore, a wood-chopping station is available at the campground, and firewood can be used as much as you like free of charge. You can also enjoy a relaxing campfire.
Those who wish to bring their pets camping can also rest assured that there are pet-friendly sites available.

Reservations for Bubetsu Forest Camping Field must be made at least one day in advance, so please make reservations online or by phone.

Tents, Camping Gear, and Supplies for Women's Solo Camping!

Many female campers enjoy solo camping at Bubetsu Forest Camping Field as well. The video creator, Keco Cam, introduces some of her favorite camping gear in the video. One of the best parts about camping is the delicious food. Having useful kitchenware will make your camping experience more enjoyable.

Women's Solo Camping Gear
・Tent: tent-Mark Designs CIRCUS TC
・Bedding mat: Hilander Inflator Mat (with pillow)
・Cot: FIELDOOR Wooden outdoor cot
・Rack: Hilander Wooden 3-tier Rack 600
・Generator: Smart Tap Portable Power Station PowerArQ mini Red
・Cooker: Snow Peak Aluminum Personal Cooker Set, Chums Hot Sandwich Cooker
・Lantern: Snow Peak Hozuki Lantern
・Cutting Board: JUICY

Of the above, the most notable is JUICY's cutting board, which is made to order and made from high-quality wood. In the video, the cutting board is used to cut asparagus and other vegetables, and is also used as a potholder for hot dishes.
[Video] 6:35 - JUICY Cutting Board

By having your favorite camping gear with you, you can create your own original space and enjoy women's solo camping even more.

Women's Camping and Delicious Camping Food! Some Quick and Tasty Recipes!

This camp meal is an omelet rice!

Shiraoi, Hokkaido is famous for its eggs, and in the video they use fresh eggs from an egg vending machine and frozen chicken rice to make a delicious rice omelet. Here's the recipe.

・Eggs: 2
・Frozen chicken rice: 1 bag
・Ketchup: to taste

1. Stir-fry frozen chicken rice in a frying pan over heat.
2. Transfer the fried chicken rice to a Sierra cup and pack it in tightly.
3. Put the chicken rice (shaped like the Sierra cup) back in the pan.
4. Pour egg around the chicken rice, and finally pour ketchup over the rice.

You can also watch the video to see how to make the simple, yet delicious camping meal.
[Video] 5:06 - How to Make A Simple Camping Rice Omelet

There are many different kinds of camping food, such as barbecue and curry, but as shown in the video, using frozen food is an easy way to make camping food. There's something about cooking in nature that makes this type of food taste better than it does at home.

Also, while it's fun to cook camping meals with friends, the best part of camping solo is that you can cook whatever you want, whenever you want.

Is Solo Camping in Japan as a Woman Dangerous? Things to Be Careful Of!

If you're a woman looking to do some solo camping, we recommend that you choose a location and be thorough with security. Let's look at some points to keep in mind.

・Choose a campsite with a resident caretaker
Some campgrounds do not have a resident caretaker. Some campgrounds are not staffed, especially at night, so if you are planning to camp solo, choose a campground with a full-time caretaker.

・Set up your tent in a public place.
When setting up your tent, you may be tempted to choose a quiet place to enjoy your time alone, but we recommend that you set up your tent in a place where there is a lot of pedestrian traffic.
It's also a good idea to set up as close to family campers as possible to protect yourself from any campers looking for any women camping alone.

・Avoid posting on social networking sites in real time
Be careful about social networking sites such as Instagram and YouTube. Posting photos on social networking sites in real time can expose your whereabouts.

・Prepare security goods and locks
Always have some emergency supplies, such as a personal alarm, by your bedside, and lock your tent when you go to bed, so that if something should happen, you can immediately warn others of danger.


This time we introduced a video about solo camping for women. In winter, Bubetsu Forest Camping Field in Hokkaido is covered with snow and has different scenery in spring and summer.

There are also hot springs in the area, so it's a good place to stretch your legs. In addition, there is a barbecue restaurant where you can enjoy Shiraoi beef, a specialty of the area, and a Shiraoi beef store that sells beef directly to customers.

With Japan's recent camping boom, women's solo camping has become increasingly popular. The appeal of solo camping is that you can enjoy the luxury of having nature all to yourself with your favorite camping gear. The light of a lantern at night and the sunlight filtering through the lush hardwoods is sure to create a photogenic atmosphere to post on Instagram.
Despite all of the enjoyment, women's solo camping can be dangerous. To enjoy camping safely, please keep in mind the precautions we introduced above.

Bubetsu Forest Camping Field is a good spot for camping beginners and female solo campers. If you're planning on camping in Hokkaido, consider checking it out!

◆Bubetsu Forest Camping Field◆
【Address】110-2, Ishiyama, Shiraoi
【Hours】10:00 – 16:00

【TripAdvisor】Bubetsu Forest Camping Field

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A Female Solo Camper Introduces a Campground in Hokkaido! Check Out the Attractions of Bubetsu Forest Camping Field via Video!
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