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Introducing Kayabuki Village!

Kayabuki Village, introduced in the video, is a tourist destination located in Miyama Town, Nantan City (南丹市, Nantanshi) in Kyoto Prefecture (京都府, Kyotofu).

Kayabuki Village, located near the center of Kyoto Prefecture, is a hidden gem where you can enjoy sightseeing at ‘the alternative Kyoto,’ different from ‘Kyoto, the ancient capital.’
Its charm lays in the relaxing landscape of its thatched-roof houses against the backdrop of majestic mountains reminiscent of a Japan long passed.

Of the 50 houses comprising Kayabuki Village, 39 have their roofs thatched using a traditional Japanese method, where logs are combined to form a triangle and thatches are layered on top of them.
Even in Japan, it's rare to see this many thatched-roof houses at once. In 1993, the historical landscape, including the thatched roof houses, was registered under the Preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings.

The inside structure of a thatched-roof house and its storehouse is displayed at the Miyama Folklore Museum (美山民俗資料館, Miyama Minzoku Shiryokan) in Kayabuki Village.
You can feel the old way of living in the agricultural areas of Kyoto through the displays of nearly 200 ancient agricultural tools and household items.

The video shows many of the charms of the village, so be sure to watch it as you read through this article

Beautiful Spring Greenery and Attractions in Kayabuki Village

Image of Kayabuki Village post
Photo:Kayabuki Village post

Kayabuki Village is popular for its brilliant landscapes lit up by snow lanterns in the winter and colorful autumn leaves in the fall, but the beauty of the spring greenery is truly something to marvel at.

We recommend hiking along the rice paddies reflecting the shining green Tanba Mountains (丹波山地, Tanba Sanchi) and the thatched-roof houses.
The Jizos seeing over the village and the rustic plants and flowers greet travelers with warmth.
The Miyama Kataribe Walk, where the local Kataribe (a tour guide) shows you around, is another place popular for sightseeing.

The scenery of the nostalgic red post at the entrance to the village, shown in the video, is a great place for taking pictures. Be sure to upload them to your instagram!
We recommend getting a shot of Kayabuki Village over the rice fields.

In May, Kayabuki Village is crowded with tourists visiting for the Rice Planting Festival (お田植祭, Otaue Matsuri) and the 'Simultaneous Hosing' (一斉放水, Isseihosui).
The ‘Rice Planting Festival’ is a sacred event held on the second Sunday in May where the saotome pray for fertility.
The festival in which the saotome, wearing sedge hats and kimono, and lined up in a row, plant rice crops by hand, attracts many tourists, both foreign and Japanese.

On the other hand, the ‘Simultaneous Hosing’ is not an event per se, but a twice-a-year testing of water cannons which protect the thatched-roof houses from fires.
The water from 62 water cannons draw a large arch in the sky that resembles a water curtain over the thatched-roof houses.
This view is famous as one of the best in Kyoto tourism for its beauty and attracts a large crowd of people. Definitely get a picture of this if you can!

Kayabuki Village Summary

Image of Kayabuki Village
Photo:Kayabuki Village

Kayabuki Village, a popular out-of-the-way tourist destination in Kyoto, is located about 80 minutes away from the Kyoto City Center by car, and free shared parking lots are provided.
Direct bus services from Kyoto Station operate during the green season.

Staying at a thatched-roof house in the village is possible thanks to facilities such as the Matabe Guesthouse (民宿またべ, Mishuku Matabe) and the Hisaya Guesthouse (民宿久や, Minshuku Hisaya).
The village also has souvenir shops, as well as cafés and restaurants where you can enjoy a nice lunch.
You can also enjoy a gourmet trip to try cuisine using fresh, local ingredients.

Be sure to watch the video to enjoy the beautiful landscape and thatched-roof houses indicative of the beauty of Kayabuki Village.
You'll sure be fascinated by the charms of Kayabuki Village!

【Official Website】Miyama’s thatched village (Kayabuki no Sato)

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