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Japanesque Sightseeing Spots and the Highlights of Chonan, Chiba

This article introduces the video “Chonan, Chiba prefecture” made by “Chonan Chonamaru.”

This is a storyline video to display the beauty of Chonan, Chiba prefecture in Japan's Kanto region made by Minami Nagata who works in the Chonan office as the PR manager.
You can learn about the beauty of Chonan, Chiba prefecture by watching the video.

Chonan, Chiba - Beautiful Sightseeing Locations for People of All Ages!

“Chonan flower tour” introduces Japanesque sightseeing spots in Chonan, where you can enjoy the scenery while cycling. You can watch it at 0:23 of the video.

At 0:32 it introduces “Shirai field”.
Another thing that comes to mind when you think of Japan is temples! You can take part in Chouhukujuji temple's flower tour introduced at 0:51 in the video.
Children will have a wonderful time enjoying the different Japanese-style stalls on Chouhukujuji temple's vast grounds.

You can enjoy the superb view of Chiba prefecture's Nomigane Park at 0:58 in the video. There's also a rice-planting experience at 1:24 in the video.
Chiba prefecture has few high altitude mountains as well, so you can enjoy the vast scenery.
In addition, due to Boso Peninsula's mild climate and weather in Kanto region, you can enjoy a nice bicycle flower tour as shown in the video.

More Breathtaking Sightseeing Locations in Chonan, Chiba!

Houonji temple is a famous temple where you can feel the essence of Japan. It is at 1:33 in the video.
Yuya no Shimizu is the sightseeing location where you can enjoy some of Japan's purest water. It has been selected as one of Japan's 100 famous springs.

Furthermore, although Chiba is in Japan's Kanto region, you can still enjoy a firefly viewing in Chonan thanks to its bountiful nature. You can see the shiny fireflies at 1:43 in the video.

An Impressive Fireworks Display at Chonan, Chiba's Popular Summer Event

At 2:08 in the video, we see Kasamori Kannon Temple which stands isolated in the middle of forest
You can feel its mysterious atmosphere when climbing the stairs; almost as if it's a totally different world.

Further into the video, they introduce a Japanese-style lunch at a quaint, traditional Japanese house. During the Chonan festival shown at 2:56 in the video, you can come visit to check out local farm products and a musical performance performed by children.
As you can watch at 3:13 in the video, Chonan continues thriving, as they just held the 60th town merger anniversary!

Access to Chonan, Chiba's Majestic Sightseeing Locations

Easy access from Tokyo to Chonan, Chiba.
If going by train, You can come visit here by taking the Sotobo line limited express Wakashio in Tokyo, getting off at Mobara station in Chonan, and then taking a Kominato bus.
For access by car, taking the highway is the fastest and most convenient route.

Particularly, you can get Chonan from Tokyo Bay Aqua Line, via the Kisarazu highway junction, and taking National Route 409 from the Ken-o-Mobara Chonan-expressway.
There's also the express intercity bus from Tokyo station, and another route from Kanagawa prefecture side which requires taking the Tokyo Bay Ferry from Kurihama Port to Hamakanaya Port.

Summary of Chonan, Chiba's Japanesque Sightseeing Spots

Chonan suffered heavy damage and blackouts due to a typhoon in the summer of 2019.
However, Chonan is known for its sightseeing locations, gorgeous views, scenic areas, and instagrammable spots, which is why this time the video introduced the beauty of Chonan, Chiba, so you can feel the Japanese style.
Although not covered in the video, there are hotels, campsites, and cafes located through the city that are run by Chonan.
In addition, there are popular golf courses located in Chonan as well, such as Toyo Country Club: South Country Club: Golden CrossCountry Club: Chonan Country Club: Lavista Golf Resort: Chonan Public Course: Abiding Club Golf Society.

Chonan, Chiba has a lot of great historical spots as well as little-known hot spots such as the graves of Chosui Shirai and Yukihisa Isobe that couldn’t weren't introduced in the video.
Chonan, Chiba has a very rich historical culture and bountiful nature so we definitely recommend coming to visit during your next trip to Japan!
Enjoy great views and sightseeing spots during your trip in Chonan!

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