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An Introduction to Sightseeing in Kyoto

This video, titled "Kyoto Japan - Hyper Motion | Glidecam HD4000," was released by Osamu Hasegawa Films.

Kyoto is always ranked high on the list of favorite cities to visit in Japan.
Discover what the buzz is all about by enjoying the magnificent views of Kyoto with this video!

Popular Tourist Destination in Kyoto

Image of Kyoto・Tenryuji Temple
Photo:Kyoto・Tenryuji Temple

Many people may enjoy tea ceremony, but the Urasenke, led by the well-known tea master Sen Soshitsu, is the master of tea ceremony.
At the Chado Research Center Galleries in Kyoto City, run by the Urasenke, visitors are invited to sit and enjoy Ryu-rei style tea ceremony, where matcha and Japanese sweets are served.

If you want to experience Zazen meditation, we highly recommend Tenryuji and Myoshinji temples.
Both temples can be reached via the Arashiyama Line of the Keifuku Electric Railway.
There are many historic locations and places of interest along the line, and once you get off the train at Arashiyama Station, you'll be right in front of Arashiyama, which is always listed as one of the most scenic spots in Kyoto and a popular tourist destination.
A stroll around the temple will give you a taste of the atmosphere of Gion.
Maiko performances are held in the evening, but if you walk around Gion even in the daytime, you might come across maiko in their everyday clothes going to practice.

The Kyoto Tourist Information Center on the second floor of the Kyoto Station Building is a great place to get information on Kyoto tourism.
Staff members who can speak Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean are always available, and you can get information on not only the city but also the surrounding area and places of interest.
There are also free sightseeing maps that show scenic spots, festivals, and events.

Summary of Kyoto's Popular Tourist Attractions

Image of The Golden Pavilion
Photo:The Golden Pavilion

There are many more sightseeing spots in the Kyoto area that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.
There are temples, such as Kiyomizu-dera, the Golden Pavilion, the Silver Pavilion, Hongwanji Temple, Nijo Castle, and you can also enjoy activities, such as visiting hot springs, shopping, and checking out scenic spots where you can get a taste of Japan.
Make the most of your trip to Kyoto by checking out the traditional festivals packed with Japanese history and culture!

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Kyoto - A City Full of History and Tradition! This Video Shows You All the Popular Sights You Don't Want to Miss During Your Trip to Kyoto!
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