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The Delicious Crab Cuisine Made by Kanazawa Chefs!

This video, titled "Japanese Food - SNOW CRAB Sashimi Hotpot Grilled Seafood Kanazawa Japan," was produced by "Travel Thirsty."
It introduces the crab dishes prepared by the skilled artisans at Ryokan Ryokusoune in Kanazawa.

Crab is one of the most popular dishes in Japanese cuisine.
You can enjoy a wonderful time eating delicious snow crab, especially when it's served as sashimi, crab hot pot, or grilled crab in a traditional kaiseki meal.

How to Make and Eat Crab Cuisine

Image of cooked crab miso
Photo:Cooked crab miso

Skill and knowledge of ingredients is essential for chefs of high-end restaurants when preparing crab.
Chefs quickly process the prepared crabs early in the morning and use a variety of recipes to prepare them.
Since the shells of crab are very hard, they have to use sharp knives to process them.
Crab is a popular foodstuff that has been traditionally eaten in Japan since ancient times.
The Japanese have a tradition of cooking and eating not only the crab meat, but also the crab miso (miso-like paste found inside a crab) inside the shell, which is delicious.
You can see the crab miso being prepared at 18:34 in the video.

Each type of crab has a different season, so you can enjoy delicious crab dishes throughout the year.
The video is about 30 minutes long and shows a variety of delicious crab dishes.
Check out the video to see the exquisite display.

Seaside Towns with Delicious Seafood

Image of crab kaiseki cuisine
Photo:Crab kaiseki cuisine

Japan's seaside ryokan and traditional dining establishments offer a superb menu of fresh crab dishes and other seasonal seafood.
Traditional Japanese kaiseki dishes are eaten in the following order: appetizer, wanmori (stewed dishes), sashimi, grilled food, boiled food, side dish, rice, and lastly, the jelly desert.
The beauty of crab is that it can be used in every possible way, from appetizers to main dishes, and even in desserts.

Summary of Japan’s Delicious Crab Cuisine

Image of crab cuisine
Photo:Crab cuisine

While there are of course other cultures that eat crab outside of Japan, there are many variations of Japanese crab dishes that will keep you coming back for more.
Check out the various items on the menu when you're eating Japanese food and find your favorite crab dish.
When you travel to the Kanazawa, Kaga, and Noto areas, be sure to try some of the exquisite crab dishes shown in the video!

◆Ryokan Ryokusone|General Information◆
【Access】Take the Hokuriku Shinkansen to Kanazawa Station and from there it's approximately 20 minutes by taxi (※Tell the driver "Tsubakihara-Tenmangu-mae")



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Enjoy the Delicious Japanese Crab Cuisine at Ryokan Ryokusone in Kanazawa, Ishikawa! The Artisanal Cuisine Delights the Palates of Foodies From Around the World!
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