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Enjoy Okinawa's Giant Squid, the "Broadclub Cuttlefish," as Sashimi, Squid Ink Soup, and Spring Rolls!

This video, introduced by Travel Thirsty, shows you how to make a different kind of spring roll with giant cuttlefish from Okinawa Prefecture, as well as how to make sashimi, squid ink soup, and more.

The large squid being cooked in the video is one of the largest cuttlefish in the world and is known as the "broadclub cuttlefish."
It's a high-quality squid from Okinawa that stands at the same level as bigfin reef squid, and as you can see in the video, it's characterized by a large ink pouch.
Squid ink soup, a local dish of Okinawa, is made with this large amount of ink.

When you head to Okinawa, definitely try this monster squid if you get the chance!

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Last Updated : Jun. 12, 2020
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The Power of the World's Largest Cuttlefish Is Astonishing! Watch as a Number of Superb Dishes Are Prepared in the Blink of an Eye by the Skilled Chefs!
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