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Kashima Jingu Shrine" in Kashima City, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan Video Introduction

If you're looking to receive the divine blessings of a historical shrine or just want to go sightseeing to discover the history of Japan, then this is the video for you!

This video, titled "Superb Views in Ibaraki - Kashima Jingu Shrine | VISIT IBARAKI, JAPAN" (【絶景茨城】鹿島神宮 | VIST IBARAKI,JAPAN), made by Ibakira TV, shows Kashima Shrine which is dedicated to the God of martial arts.
You won't be able to look away after witnessing the solemn atmosphere and beauty of this historical shrine. The video also explains the history of the shrine.
It's a must-see for anyone interested in Japanese culture or history!

In this article, we'll talk about the history and allure of Kashima Shrine. Be sure to follow along with the video!

A Look at Kashima Shrine

Kashima Shrine is a very popular tourist attraction in Japan. It's dedicated to the Great God of martial arts, Takemikazuchi.
Within Kashima Shrine, there are many articles that have been designated National Important Cultural Properties. These articles have been donated by various family members from the Tokugawa Shogunate family line over the years.
The current shrine building was built by Tokugawa Hidetada, while the rear shrine building was built by Tokugawa Ieyasu, and the tower gates by Tokugawa Yorifusa, the first Mito feudal lord. If you're a history buff definitely check it out!

As you proceed along the rear approach to the shrine, you can see Mitarai Pond and "Kaname Ishi," said to calm earthquakes.
Kaname Ishi is shown at 1:32. You can feel the mystical atmosphere from the video.

Other tourist attractions that you shouldn’t miss out on when visiting Kashima Shrine are the Deer Park and Rear Shrine. While you enjoy the views of beautiful Kashima Shrine, you can also learn the history through the video!

Information on Kashima Shrine and the Surrounding Area

Image of Mitarashi Pond
Photo:Mitarashi Pond

Here we give you information about the grounds of the popular Kashima Shrine and its surrounding area! The Kashima Shrine grounds are approximately 70 hectares (~173 acres) in size. The area is dotted with viewpoints for enjoying the beautiful scenery and famous historical locations.

You'll come across Torii gates near the car par park of Kashima Shrine. The gates are followed by the tower gate and the main shrine building.
As you proceed along the rear approach, you'll see the Deer Park, the Rear Shrine, and Mitarashi Pond.
There is a shop selling good luck charms, votive pictures, and red seals, so if you're looking for souvenirs of Kashima Jingu Shrine or just want to get some power from the shrine, definitely check it out.

You should also visit Ichi no Torii Gate, a famous water gate near Kashima Shrine.
It can be seen at 0:07 in the video.
Be sure to drop by if you're visiting the shrine.

Summary of Kashima Shrine, a Famous Tourist Attraction in Japan

"Superb Views in Ibaraki - Kashima Jingu Shrine | VISIT IBARAKI, JAPAN," made by Ibakira TV, is a fascinating video in which you can learn about the history of Kashima shrine.
If you're into Japanese history, this is a video you've got to see!

We recommend Kashima Shrine as a tourist attraction in Japan. It's perfect for those who want to learn more history and those looking to see traditional Japanese scenery!
Be sure to check out the video before your visit!

◆Kashima Shrine◆
【Address】2306-1 Oaza-kyuchu, Kashima City, Ibaraki 314-0031 Japan
【Access】10 minutes from Kashima Shrine Station on Kashima Line
【Hours】24 hours
【Telephone No.】0299-82-1209

【Tripadviser】Kashima Shrine

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Kashima Jingu Shrine
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