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An Introduction to Nara Prefecture's Tamaki Shrine

This video, titled "JG☆☆☆奈良 玉置神社(重文) Nara,Tamakijinja(Cultural Property)," was produced by "JAPAN GEOGRAPHIC." It introduces Mt. Tamaki's (玉置山) Tamaki Shrine, located in Totsukawa village, Nara prefecture (奈良県十津川村).

Mt. Tamaki's Tamaki Shrine, located in Totsukawa village, Nara prefecture, is an ancient shrine thought to have been built in the year 37 BC.
Tamaki shrine is dedicated to the gods Izanagi (伊弉諾尊神) and Izanami (伊弉册尊神).
Tamaki Shrine, the innermost shrine of the Kumano Sanzan (熊野三山, Three Grand Shrines of Kumano), is part of the Omine-okugake Trail (大峯奥駈道), a UNESCO World Heritage Site under the "Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range (紀伊山地の霊場と参詣道).

Recommended Spots Around Tamaki Shrine

Image of Tamaki Shrine, Nara Prefecture
Photo:Tamaki Shrine, Nara Prefecture

Tamaki shrine is situated near the peak of Mt. Tamaki, one mountain of the sacred Omine Mountain Range.
It can be found at the ninth station on the mountain and is one of the stops along the Omine-okugake Trail.
On the sacred grounds you can find "Suginokyojugun" (杉の巨樹群), a large cedar tree that has been designated a natural monument, which can be seen from 4:10 in the video, along with "Meoto Sugi" (夫婦杉, The Wedded Cedar), Mihashira Shrine (三柱神社), the shrine office (社務所) and the Ema board hall (絵馬堂).

From 6:43 in the video, you can see the colorful sliding doors of Tamaki Shrine's Shrine office, known as "Kajukunoma" (孔雀の間), as well as "Oimatsunoma" (老松の間), Tsurunoma (鶴の間), Asahizurunoma (旭鶴の間), Botankarajishinoma (牡丹唐獅子の間) and Guujikyoshitsu (宮司居室) and the bell which have been designated Important Cultural Properties of Japan.

Visit Tamaki Shrine for Good Luck!

Image of Tamaki Shrine, Nara Prefecture
Photo:Tamaki Shrine, Nara Prefecture

A visit to Tamaki shrine is thought to bring luck with money so make sure you receive a seal stamp called a "goshuin" or get a good luck fortune known as "o-mamori" when you visit.

Since Tamaki shrine is situated near the peak of a mountain, if the weather conditions permit it, a sea of clouds which is said to resemble a dragon god can appear half way up the mountain!
Tamaki shrine is a spiritual and mysterious place whose visitors are said to have been summoned by the gods.
The lodgings that were once used by pilgrims now provide accommodation for those travelling alone.

Summary of Tamaki Shrine

Image of the autumn river gorge, Nara Prefecture
Photo:A gorge in autumn, Nara Prefecture

As you can tell from watching the video, Tamaki shrine is an awe-inspiring place that feels and looks as though the gods still remain there even today.
Other spots to check out in the southern area of Nara prefecture include Totsukawa Hot Spring (十津川温泉), Doro-kyo Gorge (瀞峡), Tanize Suspension Bridge (谷瀬の吊り橋) and Ekinomichi Totsukawago (駅の道十津川郷).
Why don't you book one of the nearby hotels or take part in a tour to really make the most of you trip to Tamaki shrine?

◆Tamaki Shrine Information Summary◆
【Address】Nara prefecture, Yoshino-gun (吉野郡), Totsukawa-mura (十津川村), Tamakigawa (玉置川) 1
【Access】20 minutes by taxi from Totsukawa Hot Spring (十津川温泉) bus stop, accessible by bus from Gojo station (五条駅) or Kintetsu Yamatoyagi station (近鉄大和八木駅).
【Hours】8 am - 5 pm
【Entrance fee】Adults - 500 yen
【Parking】Available (free of charge)

【Tripadvisor】Tamaki Shrine

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Tamaki Shrine - See the Mystical Shrine in Nara, Shrouded in Fog. This World Heritage Site Is Said to Bring Fortune to Those Who Visit It!
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