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Introducing Tsurugi Shrine

This video, titled "[Echizen] Tsurugi Shrine: the birthplace of the Oda family - Tsurugi Shrine, Fukui, JAPAN-" (【越前国二宮】劔神社/織田家発祥の地 -TsurugiI Jinja Shrine in Fukui, JAPAN–), was released by "channel WASABI."
Tsurugi Shrine, also known as "Oda Myojin," is located in Echizen, Nyu District, Fukui Prefecture.

The area is known as the birthplace of the Oda family, including the famous warlord Oda Nobunaga, and the shrine is highly revered as an "Ujigami.”

The History of Tsurugi Shrine

The origin of Tsurugi Shrine, with a history dating back 1,800 years, goes back to when the god Susanoo was enshrined on the peak of Kuragatake and called "Tsurugidaijin" (劔大神, The Great God of Tsurugi).
During the Nara Period (710-794 A.D.), when the shrine was known as a sacred site, Tsurugi Temple (劔神宮寺) was already built.
It is also said that the shrine, which enshrines Susanoo-no-Mikoto (素盞嗚大神) and Kehi (氣比大神), was handed over to Prince Oshikuma, the son of Emperor Chuai, during the reign of Empress Jingu.

After the Warring States Period (1467-1615 AD~), Tsurugi Shrine was protected and worshipped by the Shiba, Asakura, and Oda clans.
The sacred crest of Tsurugi Shrine, which is closely connected to Oda Nobunaga, is the same as the family crest of the Oda family: the Oda Mokko (Flowering quince).

Highlights of Tsurugi Shrine

The temple bell, a national treasure, is the third oldest bell in Japan and is said to have been made in the Nara Period.
It is also home to many other temple treasures, including the important cultural property "The Eight Stages of Nirvana on Silk."

In the video, you can see the large torii gate, Shinyoko (旧神前院摩堂, a storehouse for portable shrines), the Chozusha (a ritual water station for purifying oneself), and the Hall of Worship (拝殿, haiden) starting at 0:58, as well as the Omokaru Stone (おもかる石, a sacred wishing stone. It is said that if it’s lighter than you expect then your wish will come true. If it is heavier, it will be harder for your wish to come true.) at Komatsutate Isaoshi Shrine (小松建勲神社) and Yakushi Shrine (薬師神社) starting at 3:05 in the video.
On the premises of Tsurugi Shrine, we recommend paying attention to the approach to the shrine, as well as checking the monument to the birthplace of the Oda clan, and more.

Another attraction of Tsurugi Shrine is that you can enjoy the seasonal scenery, such as the Asian fawnlily that grow in clusters on the shrine grounds.
During Hatsumode (the first shrine visit of the New Year) at Tsurugi Shrine, the shrine is also crowded with visitors.

Summary of Tsurugi Shrine

Tsurugi Shrine is a famous power spot with 1,800 years of history and offers breathtaking views, as shown in the video.
If you're looking to enjoy a wonderful time at a shrine with a rich history to cleanse both your body and mind, consider adding Tsurugi Shrine to your Itinerary.
We recommend bringing your own shuin stamp book when you visit Tsurugi Shrine.
Be sure to get a good luck charm as well!

◆Tsurugi Shrine Overview◆
【Address】113-1 Ota, Echizen, Nyu District, Fukui 916-0215
【Access】Take a bus from JR Takefu Station and get off at the Myojin-mae bus stop, or 30 minutes by car from the Takefu I.C. or Sabae I.C.
【Hours】8:00 – 17:00

【Tripadvisor】Tsurugi Shrine

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