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Odawara Castle, a Fortress Feared for Its Impenetrability

This is a promotional video for Odawara castle, titled "Odawara Castle PR Video 2013," brought to you by Cityodawara.
Odawara castle is a popular tourist destination in Odawara city, Kanagawa prefecture (神奈川県, Kanagawaken), located in the Kanto region of Japan. It's popular with both locals and foreigner visitors alike.

Odawara castle was the Odawara clan's stronghold from the Sengoku period until the Edo period and was known and feared for being impenetrable. It would become the domain's administrative headquarters for the Odawara clan.
During the reign of the third generation feudal lord Hojo Ujiyasu, the castle underwent substantial military strengthening and became famous as an impenetrable castle after withstanding fierce attacks from both Uesugi Kenshin and Takeda Shingen.
At the time of the Battle of Odawara, Hojo Ujimasa set up camp at the castle, and for 5 generations, up until the reign of Hojo Ujinao, his family remained in and protected the castle, and the area flourished as a political center in the southern Kanto region.

During this short video we would like to introduce our most recommended sightseeing spots around Odawara castle.
Looking at these images will make you feel truly as if you've traveled back in time and will give you a taste of life back in the Warring States period.

Sightseeing Spots Around Odawara Castle, Home to the Hojo Clan

Image of Maidashi Gate
Photo:Odawara Castle Maidashi Gate

After the restoration (from July 2015 to April 2016), Odawara castle became a symbol of Odawara city and one of the city's most popular tourist attractions.
Starting with the Castle Tower (天守閣, Tenshukaku), there are also many other places of historic significance, such as the Castle Park (小田原城跡公園, Odawarajouseki kouen), Castle Gate (常盤木門, Tokiwagimon), Copper Gate (銅門, Doumon), Maidashi Gate (馬出門, Umadashimon) and Ninomaru areas.
The castle is also famous as a cherry blossom viewing spot in the spring.
Throughout this video you can take a look inside the historic castle's grounds. The shot of the cherry blossom in full bloom and the Castle Tower at 1:20 is absolutely breathtaking.
By far the most instagrammable spot in the area!

In recent years, an increasing number of tourists visit the castle to collect a stamp of the Shogun's seal, called Go-shuin.
There are also various museums and events to take part in, such as an armor wearing experience, the Tokiwagimon Samurai Museum (常盤木門SAMURAI館, Tokiwagimon Samurai kan), Odawara Castle History Museum (小田原城歴史見聞館, Odawarajou rekishi kenbunkan), as well as a children's playground to keep the kids entertained.
For more detailed information on the facilities, please ask a staff member at the Ninomaru tourist office inside the castle grounds.
You can also see the natural beauty of the changing seasons at Odawara castle throughout the video.
From 1:37 in the video, you can take a look at the superb view from the Castle Tower overlooking the city, with the ocean in the backdrop.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Kanagawa Prefecture: Odawara Castle Area Restaurant Guide

Boiled fish paste products, such as kamaboko, are a speciality of the Odawara area. Honmaru tea house (本丸茶屋, Honmaru chaya) and shop, located inside the castle grounds, are popular lunch destinations among visitors, and a great spot to try the local cuisine.
Here you can enjoy your lunch, surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the castle.
In the vicinity of the castle you can also find many cafes, restaurants, and izakaya (Japanese bar/restaurant). We recommend taking a walk around the castle area and trying some of the local delicacies!

Popular Tourist Attractions in Kanagawa Prefecture: Odawara Castle Area Restaurant Guide

The following are a list of events which took place at Odawara Castle in 2019: Family History Tour (夏休み親子歴史教室, Natsuyasumi oyako rekishi kyoushitsu)(held during summer vacation), Fuma Ninja Class (風魔忍者教室, Fuuma ninja kyoushitsu), Projection Mapping World Tournament (プロジェクションマッピング世界大会, purojekushon mappingu sekaitaikai), Sengoku Gonbei Original Art Exhibition (センゴク権兵原画展, Sengokugonbei gengaten) and the Odawara Lantern Summer Festival (小田原ちょうちん夏祭り, Odawara chouchin natsumatsuri).
For more details, please check the official Odawara Castle home page.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Kanagawa Prefecture: Odawara Castle Introduction Summary

Image of Odawara Castle and Cherry Blossoms
Photo:Cherry Blossoms at Odawara Castle

Odawara Castle can be accessed by a 10-minute walk from Odawara Castle Train Station (小田原城駅, Odawarajou eki). If you are travelling by car, you can reach Odawara castle from Ogikubo Interchange (荻窪IC, Ogikubo IC), Odawara Atsugi Road (小田原厚木道路, Odawara atsugidouro) in around 10 minutes. Please note that that there is no parking lot at Odawara Castle Park.

Odawara castle is a tourist spot in Kanagawa prefecture that has grown equal in popularity to destinations such as Yokohama, Shonan, and Kamakura. Why not take a trip to Odawara Castle and experience some of Japan's rich cultural history?
Be sure to enjoy the video, it may give you a taste of what it felt like to be a samurai warrior during the Warring States period!

◆Odawara Castle◆
【Address】 Odawara Castle, Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture 250-0014
【Access】10-minute walk from Odawara station (小田原駅, Odawaraeki)(JR Eastern Japan)
【Parking】No car park on site

【Official Website】Odawara Castle

【Tripadvisor】Odawara Castle

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