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This video, titled "Railway|Special Express Sleeper|Blue Train|Video Source|1975" (鉄道 寝台特急 ブルートレイン 映像資料昭和50年代5寝台特急), was released by "That's Travel & Transportation" (That's旅行・交通).

This is a video clip of one of Japan's "Blue Trains" in 1975.
The Blue Train Hayabusa bound for Nishi-Kagoshima is the focus of this video.

The video shows the long journey from Tokyo station to Nishi-Kagoshima, a 1,500 km, 22 hour journey in the autumn twilight.
Watching the view from the window and seeing the interior of the train makes you feel like you're traveling on a Blue Train.

Japan's Blue Trains stopped operating in 2015 and you can't see them in action anymore, but the video brings back the atmosphere of that time.

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Last Updated : Sep. 15, 2020
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Japan's Retired Blue Trains! A Journey From Tokyo Station to Nishi-Kagoshima Station!
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