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About Matsubara, Osaka

This video, titled "Matsubara City Promotion Video Normal Version" uploaded by "Matsubara City Hall" introduces sightseeing information, culture, and specialties of Matsubara, located near central Osaka.

Kawachi-Matsubara Station on the Kintetsu Minami-Osaka Line, the main station in Matsubara, Osaka, is about a 10-minute train ride from Tennoji Station on the Osaka Loop Line, Osaka Metro, and Osaka Abenobashi Station on the Kintetsu Minami-Osaka Line, where the tallest building in Japan, Abeno Harukas, stands.

In 2016, the tourism division was established in Matsubara and they introduce history, culture, and local specialties of the area.
The local mascot of Matsubara is a character called "Makki" who is a girl with an Osaka dialect that is decorated with pine ("matsu" means pine in Japanese) and roses ("bara" means roses), the city flower.
She can be seen briefly at 5:41 in the video.

The Matsubara Rokusha Pilgrimage - A Traditional Culture of Matsubara

The Matsubara Rokusha Pilgrimage, seen from 0:30 in the video, is a traditional cultural event and popular tourist attraction where participants visit six shrines, and if successful, receive Kaiun Eto Hariko, a lucky Japanese zodiac paper doll, to commemorate visiting all six shrines.
The six shrines are: Miyake Shrine where Sugawara no Michizane, the god of studying, is enshrined (0:47), "Amamikoso Shrine" a shrine line with old trees (1:24), Gado Hachiman Shrine, famous for Yudate Kagura, a traditional culture to pray for good health during Setsubun (1:48), Nunose Shrine, where the main shrine has been designated as a Tangible Cultural Property by Osaka (2:25), Shibagaki Shrine, which enshrines the god of teeth, a rarity in Japan (2:59), and Ao Shrine, featuring sacred camphor trees (3:30).

The most popular item among tourists to Nunose Shrine, especially women, is the "love fortune" created by Hiroko Ichihara, a contemporary artist who creates works of art using only text.
The impactful letters and words of the shrine have become popular for being Instagrammable, and many people visit the shrine for these love fortunes.

Historical Sites and Cultural Assets in Matsubara

The 335-meter-long "Otsukayama Kofun," shown from 4:15 in the video, is the fifth largest zenpokoenfun (key-hole-shaped-tumulus) in Japan, and has been selected as one of the New 100 Scenic Spots of Osaka.
Also, there are many roads such as the Takeuchi Kaido and the Nagao Kaido, which are the oldest government roads in Japan.
There are many historic temples and shrines as well, including Raikoji Temple, Tannan Tenmangu, Dairinji Temple, and Saihoji Temple."

Summary of Matsubara, Osaka

Matsubara is conducting the "Matsubara Brand Certification Project" to certify and advertise the amazing technologies and products of Matsubara.
The delicious foods introduced in the video include kombu tsukudani (food made from kelp boiled in soy sauce), Ariake Nori (seaweed), Japanese sweets made from Matsubara's brand vegetables, Kawachi Ducks, Namba green onions, and tomatoes.

Some of the interesting things introduced in the video are the Danjiri Festival at the Kawachi Shrine Autumn Festival, which is popular among locals and tourists, and skateboarding at Sports Park Matsubara.
The wire mesh industry, pearls, and seal stocks are famous as local industries in Matsubara.
Osaka Ranma (Transom) is made by Mr. Takahashi and his son, who are certified as traditional craftsmen in Japan.
Consider visiting Matsubara, Osaka, a city dotted with ancient Japanese government roads, cultural assets, temples and shrines with rich history and more, during your next sightseeing trip!

【Official Website】Matsubara, Osaka Prefecture City Hall Website

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