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A Video Comparing Past and Present Tokyo!

This video, titled "[Tokyo Tokyo Concept Video] Old meets New - Full version," was released by "Tokyo Tokyo."

The video introduces and compares the past and present culture of Tokyo in a comical manner.
The one-minute video is packed with many elements, including the historical culture of Japan, current pop culture, and subculture.
If you're interested in Japanese culture, be sure to check out this video to compare past and present of Tokyo.

Look Out for Information on the History and Culture of the Edo Period!

Image of 36 Views of Mount Fuji
Photo:Image of 36 Views of Mount Fuji

In Tokyo, where the shogunate was established during the Edo period (1603-1868), Japan's unique culture continuously flourished.
Kimono and traditional crafts, Kabuki and Noh, and traditional performing arts such as ikebana and tea ceremony have been loved for hundreds of years.

In addition, Japanese food, such as sushi, developed greatly as a historical gourmet food favored by the common people in the Edo period.
Ukiyo-e and Japanese paintings are the art of the Edo period.
Japanese paintings drawn with a unique touch are still attracting attention from many history and art fans.

The Contemporary Culture of Tokyo Introduced in the Video

Image of cosplay

Over many years new Japanese cultures continue to be born one after another in present day Tokyo.
Particularly noteworthy is Japan's pop culture and subcultures, which have developed mainly among young people.
The interesting culture unique to Tokyo, such as video games, special effects movies, idols and cosplay events, etc., is attracting a lot of attention not only from within Japan but also from abroad.
In the video, there's Kendo and modern video games shown from 0:12, Maneki Neko and Hello Kitty from 0:24, and things like kaiju and Giant Robots, Ukiyo-e and Hatsune Miku, Noh and Kyari Pamyu Pamyu, etc. are compared with the past and introduced as contemporary culture.

The video also introduces recommended gourmet foods to eat in present-day Tokyo.
From 0:10 in the video, rice balls and the cute Kyaraben (character bentos), soba and tsukemen, and sushi and other Japanese cuisine is shown.

There are many famous restaurants in Tokyo where you can enjoy mouthwatering ramen, so we recommend finding your favorite restaurant.
Besides that, we recommend checking out popular foods like cotton candy and tapioca drinks that can be eaten at sightseeing spots, such as Harajuku.

Summary of the Past and Present Tokyo Shown in the Video

Image of Downtown Tokyo from above
Photo:Downtown Tokyo from above

This article introduced an interesting video that unravels the history of Tokyo.
Lifestyles and cultures have changed drastically in Japan and unique cultures that were unthinkable a decade ago continue to be born.

Suffice it to say, culture evolves alongside history.
In the future, new cultures will continue to flourish in Tokyo.

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Last Updated : Aug. 11, 2021
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Unraveling Tokyo's History in a Pop Video! The Tokyo Lifestyle Is Evolving With Each Passing Day, and Tokyo's Unique Culture Continues To Fascinate the World!
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