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Introducing Rokugo Manzan in Oita Prefecture

This video, titled "Rokugo Manzan Kaisan 1300 Years PV (long)" (六郷満山開山1300年PV(long)), was released by "Rokugo Manzan Kaisan 1300 Kunisaki Peninsula Usa Area" (六郷満山開山1300年国東半島宇佐地域).

The video introduces a large number of temples that make up Rokugo Manzan in the Usa Jingu area of Oita prefecture in Japan's Kyushu region.
Usa Jingu in Oita Prefecture, is the main shrine of Hachiman shrines nationwide and is revered as the guardian deity of the nation.
In 2018, many events were held at Oita's Usa Jingu to commemorate the 1300th anniversary of the opening of the shrine, and it was visited by many worshipers and tourists.

Oita Prefecture's Rokugo Manzan - 1300 Years Since Its Founding

image of Ashibiki Futagoji Temple, Kongo Rikishi Statue
Photo:Ashibiki Futagoji Temple, Kongo Rikishi Statue

Approximately 1300 years ago, Usa Jingu built a number of temples called Rokugo Manzan in the Kunisaki Peninsula area of Oita Prefecture.
Many historical shrines and temples still remain in the surrounding area, making it one of the best tourist spots in Oita prefecture.

Hachiman Nadagu (八幡奈多宮), an annex temple of Usa Jingu, houses the statues of the three gods, which are designated as national important cultural properties.
From 2:22 in the video, the Buddha statue and manor of Bungotakada can be seen, so be sure to check it out.

Explore the Temples of Oita Prefecture's Rokugo Manzan With a Tour of Sacred Sites

Image of Usa Shrine, Oita Prefecture
Photo:Usa Shrine, Oita Prefecture

If you want to see Rokugo Manzan, we recommend going along the route that visits the 31 sacred sites and enjoying the beautiful natural landscapes that the area offers.

The sacred site pilgrimage that starts from Usa Jingu goes through Fukiji Temple, Denjoji Makiodo, Choanji Temple and Monjusenji Temple.
At the end of the pilgrimage you'll find Futagoji Temple.
Enjoy exploring the temples while getting Goshuin and Kishuin stamps.

Sightseeing at a Historic Festival Held at a Temple in Rokugo Manzan, Oita Prefecture

Image of fire-walking
Photo:fire-walking (walking over fire or burning coals)

Many festivals with a long history are still held at the temples of Rokugo Manzan.
At Gansei-ji Temple, which is introduced at 3:03 in the video, events such as historic firewalking rituals are held.

The temple in Kunisaki, introduced at 3:51, also shows the images of a fire worshipping festival.
At Usa Jingu, a festival called Gyokoe has been held since the Nara period.
You can also observe Rokugo Manzan Mineirigyo, an ascetic practice performed by monks.

Summary of Rokugo Manzan in Oita Prefecture

Image of Kure Bridge at Usa Shrine
Photo:Kure Bridge at Usa Shrine

Usa Jingu, which has now celebrated its 1300th anniversary, has many hidden tourist spots where you can enjoy the Instagrammable scenery.
The video introduces images of a majestic temples and a rare events.

If you're planning a trip to Kyushu, consider a visit to Rokugo Manzan in Oita prefecture to enjoy traditional Japanese culture.

【Official Website】Rokugo Manzan Kaisan 1300 Years ~ The Birthplace of Shinbutsu Shugo|The Usa Area of Kunisaki Peninsula ~

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Feel the Charm of Oita Prefecture's Rokugo Manzan, Celebrating Its 1300th Anniversary. The Magnificent Temples and Historic Festivals Dating Back to Ancient Times Create a Fascinating Sightseeing Spot Where You Can Learn About Japanese Culture
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