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Yoshiharu Habu's Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon

This video, titled "Yoshiharu Habu, Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon|Interview" (羽生善治竜王 喜び語る 紫綬褒章受章会見), contains footage of an interview that took place in 2018 with top shogi player Yoshiharu Habu after receiving the Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon.

In 2018, Yoshiharu Habu was awarded the Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon as well as being publicly presented the National Honor Award (国民栄誉賞, kokumineiyoshou) by the Prime Minister.
Please check out this video which contains footage of an interview with Yoshiharu Habu in which he expresses his feelings after winning the prestigious award.

More About Yoshiharu Habu and His Career History

Yoshiharu Habu was born in 1970 and is a professional shogi player famous for winning all seven shogi titles.
He has two daughters with his wife Rie Habu (羽生理恵, habu rie).
He joined the Hachioji Shogi club (八王子将棋クラブ) when he was an elementary school student and debuted as a professional shogi player in junior high school.
After his debut he became the top shogi player in Japan, attracting a lot of attention.

According to the Shogi Federation (将棋連盟, shougirenmei), Yoshiharu Habu is the top earner among all shogi players in the country, earning more than 100 million yen (~$1,000,000 USD)/year.

What Kind of Player Is Yoshiharu Habu?

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In 2017, Yoshiharu Habu became the first shogi player to win all seven shogi titles: Eisei Ryuo (永世竜王), Juku Eisei Meijin (十九世名人), Eisei Oi (永世王位), Meiyo Oza(名誉王座), Eisei Kio (永世棋王), Eisei Osho (永世王将) and Eisei Kisei (永世棋聖).
He also continues to hold the NHK Cup title.

Yoshiharu Habu has a famous saying which translates in English to "Don't take the easy victory, dare to make an adventurous move" (目の前の勝利よりあえて冒険的な一手を指す).
His willingness to take on a challenge may be the secret to his great success winning all seven shogi titles and also receiving the Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon.

The Medal of Honor With Purple Ribbon

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The Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon is awarded to those who have achieved excellence in their field of work, be it academia, the arts, sports, and so on.
The Medal with Purple Ribbon is awarded in accordance with Article 7 Section 7 of the Constitution of Japan.
In recent years, it has also been awarded to Hiroyuki Sanada and Mariko Hayashi.

Yoshiharu Habu won the Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon of Autumn.
Other Medal of Honor awards include the Red Ribbon (紅綬褒章, koujuhoushou), Green Ribbon (緑綬褒章, ryokujuhoushou), Yellow Ribbon (黄綬褒章, oujuhoushou), Blue Ribbon (藍綬褒章, ranjuhoshou) and Dark Blue Ribbon (紺綬褒章, konjuhoshou).

Summary of Legendary Shogi Player, Yoshiharu Habu

If you still haven't yet, be sure to check out the video to hear Yoshiharu Habu speak about his family from 0:51 and about the much talked about Shogi AI from 8:49.

Other famous shogi players in Japan include the up-and-coming Souta Fujii (藤井聡太, fujiisouta) and retired player Hifumi Kato (加藤一二三, katouhifumi).
Those interested in the traditional Japanese game of shogi, be sure to check out some of the matches, such as the famous Ryuo tournament (竜王戦, ryuuousen)!

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Yoshiharu Habu, a Professional Shogi Player and Winner of Numerous Titles, Is Presented With the Medal of Honor With Purple Ribbon! Introducing a Legend of the Shogi World: Yoshiharu Habu, the First Shogi Player in History to Achieve All Seven Shogi Titles!
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