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A Single Bamboo Branch Turned Into Various Garnishes

This video teaches you how to cut pine tree and shrimp decorations using bamboo leaves.

There are several types of bamboo cutting, such as the ken-zasa, which is placed vertically between dishes, the shiki-zasa, which is placed underneath the food, kesho-zasa, which is placed on top of the food, and the kazari-mono, which is larger than those used for food.

Check out the video to learn the steps for cutting pine tree and shrimp decorations from a single bamboo leaf!
It's a great way to entertain guests when they come over, or to add a touch of class to your dishes on New Year's, etc.

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Last Updated : Sep. 15, 2020
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The Most Beautiful Garnishes! Cutting Bamboo Into Pine Tree and Shrimp Decorations!
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