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About the Idojiri Ruins' Pit-House Video

This video, titled "Idojiri ruins・ Pit-house(井戸尻遺跡 竪穴式住居)," was created by "Solar Kanki."
It was filmed via drone to give viewers a bird's eye view of a pit-house at the Idojiri ruins located in Fujimi, Suwa county, Nagano.

In this video, you can see the historical Japanese landmark in high definition.
The contrast of color in the thatched roof and the green of nature is very beautiful.
It is a must-see video for those who love history and nature.
In this article, we'll talk about the beauty of the Idojiri ruins' pit-house.

What Is the Idojiri Ruins?

Image of Idojiri ruins
Photo:Idojiri ruins

The Idojiri ruins is located in Fujimi, Suwa county, Nagano in Japan's Koshinetsu region.
They are the ruins of a settlement from the Edo period and it is a must-see spot for people who love history.
It was registered as a national historic site in 1966.
There is also a stone monument in the park from when it was designated as a historic site.
Many archaeological sites were created due to the need for spring water from Yatsugatake, around Idojiri ruins.

It had been said that people in the Jomon period (14000 BCE to 300 BCE) hunted and gathered.
An archeologist from Suwa, Nagano protested the theory that people hunted and gathered in the Jomon era, and a study of Idojiri ruins as well as Jomon ruins in the central highland have led to a new theory that people in the Jomon era farmed.

What Is a Pit House?

Construction of a pit house begins by excavating a pit in a circle or square.
Add several poles to make the framework of the house, and finally, use soil and reeds to make the roof and walls.
Seeing the quaint pit house video will make you feel at peace.
Please take a look at the the video at 0:06 to see this.

In Europe, pit house-like buildings started being built around the Mesolithic era.
In the Neolithic era, pit houses had become common globally.
In Japan, it has been said that pit houses started being built around the late Paleolithic era.

Highlights of Idojiri Ruins' Pit Houses

The Idojiri Archaeological museum and Museum of Folklore, where several important cultural properties are exhibited, are located near Idojiri ruins.
Approximately 2,000 unearthed goods of cultural properties are on dispaly.

The pit houses were relocated from a residential site discovered in Idojiri ruins and fully had their appearances fully reproduced.
You can look inside the pit house and see the ancient fireplace which was a must-have item back then.

There are also houses, food, clothing, and earthen figures from the Jomon period that you can check out.
It's fun to imagine what life was like in the Jomon period by watching these items.
There used to be fun events such as bow and arrow making, as well as making goods of ancient times.

Around the ruins is a great place surrounded by nature.
Rice fields, lotus flowers, lilies and irises are all in the vicinity.
It is a perfect place if you are looking for a view that is distinct to Japan.
The view of the pit house in Idojiri ruins is surrounded by lots of beautiful trees and makes for a great Instagram location!
Take a look at 0:06 to see the outstanding view.

Overview of the Idojiri Ruins' Pit House

Image Water wheel Idojiri ruins
Photo:A Water Wheel at Idojiri Ruins

The video "Idojiri ruins・ Pit-house" created by "Soloar Kanki," has a bird’s eye view filmed by a drone.
The beautiful scene of Idojiri ruins park will take your breath away with the peaceful view such as the rice field and a watermill.
Be sure to check out the video if you're interested in the Idojiri ruins.

◆Overview of Idojiri ruins and Idojiri Archaeological Hall◆
【Address】7053 Sakai Fujimi cho Suwa county, Nagano
【Access】15 minutes walk from Shinano Sakai Station on JR Chuo line
【Admission】300 yen for an adult and 150 yen for a child (As of April, 2020)
【Opening Hours】 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
【Closures】Mondays, a day after a national holiday and new year’s holiday
【Parking】40 regular parking spots are available
【Phone number】0266-64-2044

【Official Website】Idojiri Archaeological Hall

【Tripadvisor】Idojiri ruins

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The Idojiri Ruins' Jomon Experience! Imagine Life in the Jomon Period Through an Aerial View of the Ruins of This Excavated Pit Dwelling in Nagano Prefecture's Suwa District!
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