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Introducing the Sakamoto Ryoma Exhibition!

In this article we introduce the video "Sakamoto Ryoma assassination recreation = 70 artifacts open to the public for the first time, including letters and the gun of Hitokiri Izou!(暗殺の様子再現、坂本龍馬展=初公開の手紙など70点披露、人斬り以蔵の拳銃も)" created by Jiji Press Ltd. (時事通信トレンドニュース).

This video contains footage of the exhibition "From the Tosa Domain! Sakamoto Ryoma Exhibition" which was held in Meguro city, Tokyo in 2017.
Bakumatsu fans can enjoy looking at a variety of Sakamoto Ryoma's items such as his favorite sword and letters.

Who is Sakamoto Ryoma?

Sakamoto Ryoma was a samurai of the Tosa Clan active towards the end of the Edo Shogunate (1853-1869). He was born January 3rd, 1836, and his real name was Sakamoto Naonari. After leaving the Tosa clan, he became a Shishi, and formed a teacher-student relationship with Katsu Kaishu, eventually forming the Kameyama Company, later called “Kaientai.”

A few famous examples of Sakamoto Ryoma's life include the Teradaya Incident, where he narrowly escaped death, and his role in uniting the Satsuma and Choshu domains, referred to as the Satcho Alliance.
His life has been portrayed in a variety of TV dramas such as the popular "Ryomaden."
"Jin" is another popular historical drama based on Japan's Bakumatsu period, and Sakamoto Ryoma plays a major role throughout the story.

More About the Exhibition "From the Tosa Domain! Sakamoto Ryoma Exhibition"

The exhibition featured in this video was held in Tokyo, as the Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Museum (坂本龍馬記念館, sakamotoryouma kinenkan) was undergoing reconstruction at the time in 2017.
Articles such as Sakamoto Ryoma's wakizashi (short sword), and a letter addressed to Shojiro Goto of the Tosa Domain, were on exhibition at the Hyakudankaidan hotel, which is listed as a Tangible Cultural Asset of Tokyo.
You can also see the obi worn by Sakamoto Ryoma's older sister and the gun used by Hitokiri Izou (real name Izou Okada).

Other popular exhibits include Sakamoto Ryoma's glass collodion photograph, the letter "nebutonotegami," a letter addressed to his older sister, a chart of the Battle of Shimonoseki, the Satcho Alliance endorsement, and a chronological table of events.
You can see these exhibits in the video from 0:14.

You Can Also See the Recreation of the Assassination of Sakamoto Ryoma in This Video!

From 2:47 in the video, we're shown "Saraba, Ryoma," where we can learn more about the details surrounding the assassination of Sakamoto Ryoma.
The Hokushin Itto-Ryu Genbu Dojo, that carries on the Hokushin Itto-Ryu style that Sakamoto Ryoma mastered, helped direct the powerful assassination scene.
You can experience the assassination of Sakamoto Ryoma, Nakaoka Shintaro and Tokichi Yamada, by the Kyoto Mimawarigumi in silhouette and sound.

Sakamoto Ryoma Introductory Video Summary

We hope you enjoyed learning more about the famous samurai Sakamoto Ryoma.
You can currently see the artifacts featured in this video at the Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Museum in Kochi prefecture.
The Bakumatsu period was one of the most dramatic time periods in Japanese history!
Be sure to watch the video in detail to learn more about the fascinating samurai Sakamoto Ryoma!

【Official Website】Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Museum

【Tripadvisor】Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Museum, Kochi Prefecture

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