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This video, titled "[Astonishing] The Discovered Photos of Japan's Last Samurai Are So Amazing! So Real You Can Barely Believe It. End of the Edo Period. Japan's Legendary Samurai Are Wicked Cool!" (【驚愕】発見された「日本最後の侍」の写真が凄すぎる!嘘のような本当の写真 江戸時代 幕末 伝説のサムライたちがヤバイ), was released by "Serious Stories Channel" (マジ話チャンネル).

The technology of photography was introduced to Japan at the end of the Edo period.
It's amazing that there are still photos of samurai in Japan that were taken during the Meiji Restoration and Meiji Period.

The photographs shown in the video were taken by Felice Beato and Kusakabe Kimbei.
They took photos of the samurai of the past, which do not exist in modern Japan.
At 3:33 in the video, you can see a photo of the famous samurai, Sakamoto Ryoma.
Be sure to check out the video to see how cool the Japanese samurai look in their unique outfits!

Rare Footage of Legendary Samurai From the End of the Edo Period! Enjoy Japan's Samurai Culture That Attracts So Many Foreigners!
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