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Sannai Maruyama, Aomori prefecture

"[Aomori's Charm] The Special Historic Site: Sannai Maruyama Site - Truth Underground- Romance Above Ground(【青森の魅力】特別史跡三内丸山遺跡 - 地下に真実 地上にロマン)" is a video produced by "marugotoaomori". Introduced here is a large-scale photograph of a settlement in Aomori Prefecture from Japan's Jomon period.

It is a wonderful tourist attraction where you can learn about the history of the village, as well as various artifacts and events.
This article introduces the charm of the special historical site Sannai Maruyama.

What is Sannai Maruyama?

Image of Aomori Prefecture,Sannai Maruyama site
Photo:Sannai Maruyama site

The special historical site, Sannai Maruyama, is located in Aomori city, Aomori prefecture in Japan's Tohoku region, and is the largest site remaining from Japan's Jomon period (14000 BC to 400 BC).
It is a large-scale settlement from the early to middle Jomon period, about 5,900 to 4,200 years ago.
It is said that Jomon people had been settled here for about 1,000 years.

You can also see the reconstructed buildings such as the large pit building and the large pillar building, which help picture life in the Jomon period.
You can see these buildings from 0:41 in the video.

In addition to the restored building, you can also see various excavated artifacts such as earthenware, clay figurines, as well as accessories that would have been indispensable to those living at that time.
There are restaurants and shops too, so you can enjoy a variety of different things if you feel like taking a break.

Access is about 20 minutes by car from JR Aomori Station, and about 30-40 minutes by municipal bus.
The entrance fee is 410 yen for the general public, 200 yen for high school and university students, and free for junior high school students and younger (* as of April 2020).

Sannai Maruyama's Reconstructed Pillar Building

The restored large-scale pillar building that can be seen from 1:08 in the video is a building with a height of about 15m, and features huge columns.
It was built by burying a chestnut tree in a large hole roughly 2m in diameter.

The distance between the pillars is carefully measured at 4.2m, and the unit of length is 35cm.
The intended use is unknown and encased in mystery, but a volunteer guide says that it was used as a viewing tower, lighthouse, or temple.
It is said that the height at the time of the Jomon period was higher than the restored building's 15m, and was probably closer to 20m.

The Sannai Maruyama Site, a special historic site, has various remains in addition to the six pillar building.
You can see the ruins of a pit-type dwelling, which is said to have been inhabited by ordinary residents, and the ruins of a stilt-pillar building that was likely to have been a stilt-type building (a stilt-type warehouse).
You can also visit the inside of a large-sized pit building that was probably used as a joint workshop and gathering venue. This can be seen in the video from 1:00.
One of the highlights of the site is the ring stone tomb, which is said to be that of the head of the village.

Highlights of the Sannai Maruyama Archaeological Site

At the Sanmaru Museum, Jomon Amusement Park and Sannai Maruyama Archeological Site in the Jomon Hill Sannai Maruyama-Mahoroba Park that can be seen from 2:11, you can see about 1,700 relics excavated from the special historical site on display.
You can see ornaments such as hooks, fish bones and earrings.
We can imagine that the Jomon people had a developed culture, such as using various tools to cultivate and procure food, as well as cook and decorate themselves with accessories.

Summary of Sannai Maruyama

"[Aomori's Charm] The Special Historic Site: Sannai Maruyama Site - Truth Underground- Romance Above Ground" produced by "marugotoaomori" is a video introducing the special historical site Sannai Maruyama in Aomori City.
There are plenty of places to look out for, such as the 15-meter tall reconstructed building that was likely used as a lookout tower and a watching tower.
It is a must-see spot for history buffs because you can see various archaeological sites and excavated treasures!

◆Sannai-Maruyama's facility outline◆
【Address】305 Sannai Maruyama, Aomori, Aomori Prefecture, 038-0031
【Access】 About 20 minutes by car from JR Aomori Station
【Operating Hours】From 9:00 to 17:00
【Closed Day】4th Monday of every month
【Parking Facilities】500 spaces
【Telephone No】017-766-8282
【Entrance fee】410 yen, 200 yen for high school and college students, free for junior high school students and younger (as of April 2020)

【Official Website】Special Historic Site "Sannai Maruyama"

【Tripadvisor】Sannai Maruyama Site

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Travel Back to the Jomon Period and Experience the History of Restored Buildings and Excavated Treasures From the Large Settlements of Aomori's Sannai Maruyama!
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