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This video, titled "Pump Trucks|An Introduction to the Tokyo Fire Department" (ポンプ車 東京消防庁の紹介), was released by "cocoa."

The fire department in Japan has a fleet of fire trucks that can be mobilized immediately in the event of a fire and can extinguish the fires efficiently.
Among them, the pump trucks are the main vehicle for firefighting.
The pump trucks sucks in water with their on-board pumps, and the centrifugal force inside the truck generates momentum to propel the water.
In Japan, there are fire hydrants and fire cisterns for the pump truck to use in case of a fire in any location.

Fire stations also have ladder trucks, ambulances, rescue vehicles, and other vehicles for various purposes.
The safety of Japan's towns is protected by fire trucks like the one shown in the video.

Japan's Firetrucks Know How to Put Out a Fire! How Japan's Pump Trucks Fight Fire!
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