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Yakage Town, Okayama Prefecture!

This video is titled "A Town Full of Culture and History - Yakage Town, Okayama Prefecture." It introduces Yakage, Okayama, located in Japan's Chugoku region.
Yakage Town is referred to as the "back seat of Kurashiki."

Yakage, Okayama prefecture is a historical lodging town, where Princess Tenshoin Atsu is said to have stayed.
In Yakage Town, Yakage Honjin and Waki Honjin, which were official lodgings for Daimyo, still exist today. They also hold an event called the Yakage Shukuba Festival Daimyo Procession in autumn.

The main attraction at the festival is the luxurious Daimyo Procession shown from 0:07 in the video.
The procession goes through town shouting "Kneel! Kneel!" You can hear this throughout the video.
Okayama Prefecture is known for fine weather. It has more nice weather than other places in Japan, making it the perfect place to visit on the weekends.
Enjoy the video of Yakage, Okayama, a town full of culture and traditional Japanese scenery.

A Look at Yakage

Yakage, Okayama has various historical buildings from the Edo Period (1603~1868), Meiji Period (1868~1912), Taisho Period (1912~1926), and the Showa Period (1926~1989).
You can experience all of the different eras within one town, which is one of the things that makes Yakage so interesting.
This is explained by the town guide at 2:40 in the video.

Traditional Japanese Kimono such as those shown in the video match very well with the traditional Japanese atmosphere of the streets, which are perfect for taking Instagram photos.
You can also enjoy a leisurely stroll around Yakage Town Hall and the Rural Environment Improvement Center.
Eraya is a hole in the wall spot that you can visit if you're into plastic models.

Yakage, Okayama Is Full of Popular Tourist Attractions!

Image of Kibino Makibi Park (Yakage Town)
Photo:Kibino Makibi Park (Yakage Town)

In Yakage, where the streets of Edo remain, we recommend visiting the Old Yakage Headquarters Ishii Family Residence and Old Yakage Waki Headquarters Takakusa Family Residence.
Other places to visit include Koian, where you can see antique art, Yakage Town House Exchange Center (やかげ町家交流館 Yakage Machiya Koryukan), Yakage's Local Art Museum (やかげ郷土美術館 Yakage kyodo Bijutukan), Unai Firefly Park (宇内ホタル公園 Unai Hotaru Koen), History Park (歴史公園 Rekishikoen) and Kibino Makibi Park (吉備真備公園 Kibino Makibi Koen).
We recommend visiting Yakage for the Camelia festival (つばき祭り Tsubaki Matsuri) in April and the Kibikosai Festival (吉備公祭 Kibikosai) in May, as well.

There are many hot spring facilities in the Yakage Town area. We recommend staying at Yunohana Hot Springs (湯の華温泉 Yunohana Onsen) to relax and unwind.
Create your own sightseeing route in Yakage Town, Okayama Prefecture and enjoy sightseeing, nature, and culture!

Delicious Food in Yakage, Okayama!

Okayama prefecture is famous for its soy sauce. The video shows you how they make soy sauce at 2:30.
Why not try some delicious Yubeshi dumplings, a local specialty of Okayama Prefecture, dipped in some locally made soy sauce?

After strolling through town, enjoy lunch at a one of the old fashioned cafes or restaurants in the area.
You can also pick your own fruit at Suisha no Sato Fruits Topia (水車の里フルーツトピア).

Summary of Yakage, Okayama

In Yakage Town, Okayama prefecture, you can stroll around the historical Japanese streets and sightseeing locations with amazing views.

Plan a memorable trip to Okayama using the information in this video!
There are also hotels and inns nearby, so we recommend staying overnight!

【Official Website】Yakage Town, Okayama PR Website

【TripAdvisor】Yakage Town

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Put on a Kimono and Stroll Through Yakage Town in Okayama Prefecture, Where the Good Old Days of Japan Remain! The Daimyo Procession Through the City Will Have You Feeling as Though You've Traveled Back to the Edo Period!
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