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Highlights of Hanamomo no Sato in Nagano Prefecture

This video, titled "JG☆☆☆4K 長野 花桃の里 Nagano,Peach Flowers at Hanamomo no Sato," was released by "JAPAN GEOGRAPHIC."
It showcases Hanamomo no Sato, an attractive place for sightseeing due to its beautiful peach and cherry blossoms.
In this article, we'll introduce Hanamomo no Sato in Nagano Prefecture!

What are the best times to see and highlights of Hanamomo no Sato in Nagano Prefecture, which can be enjoyed from the train window?

Hanamomo no Sato has a drive course that you can enjoy through the window of a cart and is called "Hanamomo Kaido" (はなもも街道, lit. "Peach Blossom Highway").The best time to see Hanamomo no Sato, which is said to be Japan's best Momogen-go, is usually from mid-April to late April.The scenery woven with gradations of red, white, and pink flowers over about 40 kilometers is worth seeing.

A "Flower Peach Festival" will also be held to coincide with the flowering.Please check the details of the blooming conditions and the flower peach festival as they are updated from time to time on the official website of Nisshin Onsen.

Enjoy Hot Springs and the Charm of Hanamomo no Sato in Nagano Prefecture!

On Hanamomo Kaido, there are two places to stay, Gessen and Hirugami Hot Springs, where you can take your time admiring the beautiful cherry blossoms in the surrounding area.

There are hot spring accommodations where you can take a day bath in the hot spring village, which is also the venue of the "Hanamomo Festival" (花桃まつり, Peach Blossom Festival), so why don't you stop by after enjoying the flowers?
In addition to Gohei-mochi, seasonal curry bun, wheat bun, thick shiitake mushrooms, and so on can be purchased at the roadside station "Hanamomo-no-sato" as well as lunch such as wild vegetable soba.
There are also a variety of souvenirs you can purchase, such as goheimochi (rice cakes), so be sure to give them a try as well.

Summary of Hanamomo no Sato in Nagano Prefecture

In this article we introduced Hanamomo no Sato, one of the best places in Japan for viewing peach and cherry blossoms!
Achi Village, known more commonly as "Hanamomo no Sato" (花桃の里, Peach Blossom Village) has one of the best nighttime views in Japan.
There are also night tours available at Hanamomo no Sato, so be sure to take in the sights at night!

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Hanamomo no Sato in Nagano Prefecture's Shimoina District Is a Spectacular Location Dyed in Shades of Pink! Feel the Arrival of Spring at This Paradise on Earth in Japan!
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