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Wakayama Prefecture's Famous Waterfall

This is the introductory video, "Japan’s Tallest Waterfall: Nachi no Otaki- A World Heritage Site(直瀑落差日本一の滝 世界遺産 那智の大滝)". Nachi Falls is one of Japan's many world-heritage sites, and this 4K video shows its dynamic scenery.

Nachi Falls in Nachi-katsuura, Wakayama prefecture, is a famous waterfall in Japan's Kansai region. It is admired and believed to contain the spirit of the deity of Hiro Jinja shrine, an associate shrine of the world heritage site, Kumano Nachi Taisha shrine.
We will introduce various facts about Nachi Falls, one of Japan’s Three Famous Waterfalls ranked together with Kegon Falls in Nikko, and Fukuroda Falls, in Okukuji.

The Charms of Nachi No Taki, Wakayama Prefecture

Image of Nachi Falls・Wakayama Prefecture
Photo:Nachi Falls・Wakayama Prefecture

Kumano Sanzan, the three Main Kumano Shrines which consist of Kumano Nachi Taisha shrine (Sacred object: Nachi Falls), Kumano Hayatama Taisha shrine (Sacred object : Gotobiki Iwa rock in Kamikura mountain) and Kumano Hongu Taisha shrine, are all registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site under the title "Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes."
Shown in the video, Nachi Falls is registered as a world-heritage site because of its superb view.

Visitors can enjoy the 48 waterfalls of Nachi (那智四十八滝) and a lot of beautiful mountain streams in Nachi Primeval Forest and Nachi Falls, is "Ichi no Taki," the largest one among them.
It is also called "Misuji Falls" (三筋の滝) in Japanese and has a stream that forks into 3 separate veins due to a rift in the bedrock of the waterfall's crest.

The Beautiful Scenery of Nachi No Taki

After walking through a Torii gate at Hiro Jinja shrine, visitors will see a superb view of Nachi Falls. (shown from 0:56 in the video)
The breath of Choshiguchi is 13 meters (~42 ft.) and the height from the top of the waterfall to its basin extends 133 meters (~436 ft.).
Compared to other waterfalls, Nachi Falls ranks 12th in Japan and is currently the tallest one-step waterfall in Japan.

You can enjoy the beautifully clear waterfall basin (that is more than 10 meters deep) from the observation platform, which is a great spot for taking photos. (shown from 2:28 of the video)

Enjoy Your Time and Take in Everything That Nachi No Taki Has to Offer.

Image of Wakayama, Nachi Mountain, The Three Story Pagoda, and Nachi Falls
©T-KIMURA Modifying

Nachi Falls can be enjoyed in any season, and offers various kinds of scenery depending on the time of year. One of the best times to go is winter, when Nachi mountain gets colder.
There is an annual event called ‘Otaki Shimenawa Harikae-shiki’ every year on December 27th and a lot of people visit to enjoy the scenery of the illuminated waterfall.

You can also enjoy eating lunch at restaurants around Seigantoji temple after watching the waterfall.
There are also some hotels near the station with hot spring facilities where you can enjoy a nice relaxing bath.


Image of Nachi Falls・Wakayama Prefecture
Photo:Nachi Falls・Wakayama Prefecture

The video provides viewers with the fascinating and eye-catching scenery of Nachi Falls's mysterious atmosphere.
Mt. Nachi and Kuano Kodo are known as locations for Shugendo and Takiroshugyo (Buddhist training with waterfalls) and are now also tourist destinations for those who enjoy hiking.
Take a map with you when you visit there to enjoy a day trip of walking around and seeing Sanju-no-To (the three story pagoda) of Nachi mountain Seigato-ji temple, Nachi-san Kyo-zuka, and Nachi Primeval Forest, as well as Nachi Falls at your leisure.

◆Tourist Information for Nachi Falls◆
【Address】Nachi-san, Katsuura-cho Oaza, Higashimuro-gun, Wakayama, 649-5301
【Admission】300 yen/Adult 200yen/Child (as of March 2020)
【Access】A Bus service is available from the nearby station, Kiikatsuura Station off the Kiihonsen line to Nachi Falls Bus Stop (那智の滝前バス停)
【Parking】Available (payed)

【Official Website】Nachi Falls, Nachi-Katsuura Town Tourism Assocciation

【Official Website】Kumano Nachi Taisha shrine Nachi Ontaki Hiro-jinja shrine

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Nov. 24, 2020
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Behold! The Beautiful Scenery of Nachi Falls in Wakayama Prefecture! As One of Japan’s Three Famous Waterfalls, Nachi Falls Is So Beautiful and Powerful That Visitors Can't Take Their Eyes off of It!
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