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Windsurfing in Okinawa - Aerial Footage

This video, titled "Okinawa|Windsurfing|Aerial Footage|Drone|Inspire 2|X5S" (沖縄 ウィンドサーフィン 空撮 ドローン inspire2 X5S), is a PR video for windsurfing in Okinawa, taken by Churaumi Aqua Lab.

Okinawa is famous for its blue oceans and white, sandy beaches that allows tourists to enjoy beautiful natural scenery and marine sports.
Churaumi Aqua Lab releases many aerial videos taken by drone that show surfing, windsurfing, SUP, and sunsets

This video, featuring windsurfing at a beach in Okinawa, was captured from high in the skies by a drone.
You'll definitely feel like hitting the beaches after watching this video!

Enjoy Wind Surfing off the Beaches on Okinawa

Image of wind surfing
Photo:Wind surfing

Wind surfing is an ocean sport where a sail is connected to a surf board and the surfer glides across the surface of the water using the lift generated by the wind.
Windsurfing is also an official Olympic event.

In this video, you can see footage of a windsurfer gliding across crystal clear waters with sandy beaches in the backdrop.
A windsurfing world cup was held in Japan as well.
You can see the awesome performances of professional windsurfers live in these type of competitions.
There are various places in Okinawa where beginners can learn to windsurf as well.

All equipment necessary for windsurfing, such as wet suits and life jackets are available for rent.
Tourists can enjoy windsurfing all season without having any equipment.
There are also trial lessons hosted by windsurfing shops where beginners can take detailed instruction.
Try your hand at windsurfing across the beautiful seas of Okinawa!

Marine Activities in Okinawa!

Image of scuba diving
Photo:Scuba diving

In addition to windsurfing, there are many other marine activities available in Okinawa. For example, you can try SUP, banana boats, rocket boats, flyboats, jet skiing, wakeboarding, and bodyboarding, and there's also yachts and canoes, as well as scuba diving!
If you're traveling with kids you can try snorkeling as well.
Or, if you're not interested in aquatic activities, consider participating in a whale watching tour.
On the main island of Okinawa, some famous sightseeing spots include Onna village (恩納村, Onnason), Nago city (名護市, Nago-shi), and Senaga-island (瀬長島, Senaga-jima).
We hope you can enjoy some marine activities in the seas of Okinawa!

Off the Mainland of Okinawa

Image of Miyakojima coast
Photo:Miyakojima coast

Okinawa is warm all year round. There are other locations besides the main island that tourists can enjoy as well.

If you go to a remote island, you can relax and have a good time.
For example, Kumejima (久米島, Kume Island) is about a 3-hour ferry ride from the main island.
It's very popular for its easy access to remote islands.
Also there are direct flights from Tokyo to Miyakojima (宮古島, Miyako island) and Ishigakijima (石垣島, Ishigaki island), so many tourists come for sightseeing.

Summary of Windsurfing in Okinawa

Watch this video to discover the beauty of Okinawa's waters and the wonders of windsurfing.
The aerial footage will feel like you're window surfing across the waves!

Churaumi AquaLab also has other videos on the beautiful waters of Okinawa taken by drone as well. Be sure to check them out!

If you're ever in Okinawa, consider trying windsurfing!

【Official Website】Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium - Handing the Churaumi in Okinawa down to the next generation.

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Clear Seas and Sandy Beaches; Enjoy Windsurfing Across the Beautiful Blue Seas off the Coast of Okinawa!
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