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An Impressive Video of Chefs Preparing Eel at the Famous Restaurant Kawatoyo in Narita, Chiba. Take a Look at the Flashy Skills Catching the Eyes of Passersby!
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Video article 8:50

This video, titled "Turning Live Eel Into Kabayaki! The Impressive Skills of a 100 Year Old Establishment" (活きたうなぎが蒲焼きになるまで。創業100年の早業がお見事), was released by "Ante."
This video introduces the chefs of Kawatoyo, a 100 year old restaurant in Narita, Chiba Prefecture.

First, the slippery, live eel is beaten on a large ginkgo tree cutting board and opened in a flash.
It is then grilled unseasoned and dipped in a secret sauce infused with eel extract and grilled slowly.
You can almost smell the aroma from the screen.
The grilled eel kabayaki is soft and fluffy and can be easily cut with chopsticks.
Check out the delicious kabayaki at the end of the video!

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Take a Look at the Amazing Skills of This Chef as He Flays and Grills Eel Effortlessly! An Introduction to the Process of Making Kabayaki at Kawatoyo, a 100-Year-Old Eel Restaurant in Narita, Chiba
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