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Ozeki, a Major Sake Brewery. Learn About Its History and Sake Brewing!

This video introduces the history of sake brewing, the origin of the company name, and the brewing of sake at Ozeki, one of the leading sake brewers in Japan.

In the first year of Shotoku (1711), Ozeki's sake was brewed under the name of "Manryo."
In those days, the famous Manryo sake was transported to Edo (now Tokyo) by ship, and the brewing industry in Osaka grew.

In 1884, the name was changed from Manryo to Ozeki.

The company name "Ozeki" represents the spirit of pioneering. It originates from the sumo world when "Ozeki" was the grand champion.
In this video, you can learn more about sake brewing, from how to make rice to the techniques used by artisans, so be sure to check it out!

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Ozeki, a Major Sake Brewer, Introduces the History of Sake and the Process of Making Sake! The Sake That Has Been Used to Quench the Thirst of the Japanese People Was Created by Our Ancestors Long Ago
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