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Video introduction of "Katsuura Morning Market" in Katsuura City, Chiba Prefecture

This video, titled "Katsuura Morning Market December 22nd, 2019"(勝浦朝市令和元年12月22日), is produced by “Uraran nohohon terebi” (うららんのほほんてれび); It's a video introducing the Katsuura Morning Market in Katsuura city, Chiba prefecture.

From 0:40 in the video, you can see the horned turban, a specialty of Katsuura Morning Market. From 0:25, we're shown “Tantan Taiyaki,” “Coffee,” “Japanese lobster,” and from 0:38, “Sanga Soup.” All these various dishes and foods can be enjoyed at great prices, making the market a very popular tourist attraction in Chiba prefecture.
The local people welcome tourists with the spirit of hospitality.
After watching the video you'll definitely want to travel to Katsuura City, Chiba prefecture!

In this article, we'll introduce recommended tourist locations at Chiba prefecture's Katsuura Morning Market. Be sure to follow along with the video!

The Popular Katsuura Morning Market in Chiba Prefecture

The Katsuura Morning Market is a morning market in Katsuura city, Chiba prefecture, in Japan's Kanto Region.
Along with the Wajima Morning Market of Ishikawa prefecture and the Hida-Takayama Miyagawa Morning Market of Gifu prefecture, it is known as one of the 3 biggest morning markets in Japan.
The Katsuura Morning Market has a long history dating back 400 years.
It's said that the market started in 1591 when the Katsuura castle lord, Yasutada Uemura opened the place as a location for exchanging agricultural and marine/seafood products. In November of 1987, the location was moved to its present location.
In 1996 and 2010, the “National Morning Market Summit” was held.

The Katsuura Morning Market is open every morning from 6:00 AM-11:00 AM except for New Years day (January 1st) and Wednesdays.
It is held at Shimohoncho Asaichi Street during the first half of the month and on Nakahoncho Asaichi Street during the second half of the month.
There are about 60 to 80 stalls selling marine products landed at Katsuura Port, which catches the second largest amount of marine products in Chiba Prefecture, as well as fresh vegetables and local gourmet foods. You can see the various stalls that are lined up at the Katsuura Morning Market from 0:04 in the video.

The Katsuura Morning Market is close to a fishing port, so the seafood products are especially popular.
You can buy fresh seafood such as skipjack tuna (the largest amount in the country is unloaded in the nearby port), horned turbans, and abalone here.

Recommended Restaurants and Shops at the Katsuura Morning Market

Image of Katsuura Tantanmen
Photo:Katsuura Tantanmen

There are shops that sell seasonal products, specialty okowa (sticky rice), and other various products at the Katsuura Morning Market.
A popular food at the Katsuura Morning Market is the local delicacy Katsuura Tantanmen. This dish won the B-1 Gourmet Grand Prix in 2015 and became famous all throughout Japan.
The Katsuura Tantan Noodles from “Restaurant Ishii” are a delicious local ramen that uses a healthy amount of chili oil.

After eating some ramen, we recommend trying some warabi mochi at Nanbanya.
It is an authentic warabi mochi that uses domestically produced warabi starch powder. It has a good consistency and it is a very popular Japanese sweet.
The restaurant has various flavors for you to try besides the standard kuromitsu (brown sugar) as well.
Besides that, there are restaurants where you can eat seafood rice bowls using freshly caught seafood as well.
Try eating a delicious breakfast that you won't find anywhere other than Katsuura Morning Market.

Information About Katsuura Morning Market

Image of Katsuura Morning Market
Photo:Katsuura Morning Market

Katsuura Morning Market is a 10-minute walk from JR Katsuura Station.
There are 2 parking lots: the Tona Shiei Parking Lot and the Izumi Shiei Parking Lot.

The Katsuura Morning Market closes every Wednesday.
There are many facilities in the area where you can stay, such as hotels, so even if you come for sightseeing from far away, rest assured, you'll have a place to stay.
Even in rainy weather, the morning market is held as usual. However, be aware that there will likely be fewer stalls.

Summary of Katsuura Morning Market

“Katsuura Morning Market December 22nd, 2019,” released by “Uraran nohohon terebi,” is a video introducing the popular Katsuura Morning market, one of the 3 largest morning markets in Japan.
It is a fun place where you can enjoy perusing the fresh seafood sent from Katsuura port, Katsuura’s comfort food, and lots of attractive food stalls.

The video shows the variety of foodstuffs and the warmth of interaction with the locals at the Katsuura Morning Market, so if you're interested, be sure to check it out!

【Official Website】Katsuura Morning Market Information – Katsuura City Tourism Association

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Enjoy Delicious Gourmet Food at the Katsuura Morning Market in Chiba Prefecture, a Place With Over 400 Years of History. One of the 3 Largest Morning Markets in Japan, Katsuura Morning Market Is a Charming Place Full of Smiles!
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