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This video, titled "Daitokuji Shinju-an Challenged by Six Contemporary Painters "A New Fusuma-e Project" |" (現代絵師6人が挑んだ大徳寺真珠庵「襖絵新調プロジェクト」 |, was released by ""

This video shows Shinju-an Temple in Kyoto, which is known as a temple related to Ikkyu.
New fusuma paintings, painted by creators from the world of manga, video games and animation, have been specially unveiled in 2018.

The six contemporary artists who participated in the new fusuma-e project were Kenichi Kitami, Hiroyuki Yamaga, Isamu Kamikokuryo, Soshu Hamaji, Takayuki Ino, and Kazuya Yamaguchi.
In the video, you can see rare works of art that are not normally available to the public.

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