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The PR Video for "Senjuan" at Tanigawa Onsen in Gunma

This video, titled "'Bettei Senjuan' YADO-PV/JAPAN : 宿PV 別邸 仙寿庵03," produced by "private-onsen JAPAN," is a promotional video for the high-class Japanese ryokan, "Senjuan" at Tanigawa Onsen in Minakami-machi (みなかみ町: Minakami-town ) in Gunma. Senjuan is located in a beautiful area with natural, picturesque scenery, and is famous for its luxurious hot springs and exquisite food.
It is highly rated on travel review and travel comparison sites, making it a popular place to stay when traveling to Tanigawa Onsen.

In this article, we'll introduce the charms of Senjuan, a 20,000-square-meter luxury ryokan at Tanigawa Onsen.
In just two and a half minutes, you'll learn about everything that the luxury ryokan, Senjuan, has to offer!

A Look at Tanigawa Onsen's Senjuan

Senjuan, located at the foot of Mount Tanigawa in Gunma Prefecture, is an artistic, luxury Onsen that visitors can enjoy both staying and looking at.

You'll find masterful Japanese installations and craftsmanship, including a large glass-walled corridor, an 8-meter high curved corridor that's lit up at night, a Kyo-clay wall made from local Gunma soil, and an entrance with unusual tatami mats.
These can be seen from 0:05 in the video.
There's also an eight-meter tall curved corridor, which is covered with white snow in the winter season (1:43).

All 18 guest rooms have open air baths and luxurious interiors. There are 6 types of rooms: the Special room SP, Japanese style room 'S,' a Western-Japanese style room, Western style twin room, Japanese style room 'A,' and Japanese style room 'B.'

The spring at Senjuan is a mild alkaline hot spring that is gentle on the skin. It is said to be effective in treating gastrointestinal disorders, neuralgia, and sensitivity to cold.
Be sure to try the "Suzumushi no yu" and "Hotaru no yu" open-air baths, as well as the "Ichi no kura" and "Sen no kura" large public baths during your stay.
During summer, there is a "walking bath" as well.
You can spend a luxurious time in the open-air baths while admiring a spectacular view of the Tanigawa mountain stream (谷川渓流: Tanigawa keiryuu).

The Exquisite Cuisine of Senjuan

Senjuan is proud of its excellent cuisine made from local, seasonal ingredients.
You can see some of these dishes in the video at 2:05.

The chef prepares kaiseki and creative Japanese cuisine with an incredibly high level of detail, and you can enjoy these exquisite dishes in a private dining room.
The seasonal scenery seen through the windows enhances your dining experience as well.
There are several restaurants, including Saika, Kisen, Hibiki, Unryu, Gepuu, and Aizuki, all of which are private spaces with a variety of different styles.

In terms of seasonal cuisine, guests can enjoy dishes made with local, seasonal ingredients such as Joshu beef and char. The rich Joshu beef in particular is superb.
The breakfast is also made with plenty of local ingredients, including those from the town of Minakami.

Accommodation Information for Senjuan

Senjuan offers extensive facilities. The hotel has a glass-walled front lobby, a shop selling local crafts, and a reading room surrounded by trees.
we recommend visiting the garden, which, on a clear day, offers a panoramic view of Mt. Tanigawa.

You can also enjoy a wonderful time at SORA, a beauty salon by NAOTO, the first Japanese make-up artist to receive the Order of Merit for Art and Culture in Italy, which can be seen from 1:53

Sightseeing Spots Around Senjuan

Image of autumn colors along the Tanigawadake Ropeway in Minakami, Gunma
Photo:Autumn colors along the Tanigawadake Ropeway in Minakami, Gunma

There are many popular sightseeing spots and landmarks around the town of Minakami, where Senjuan is located.
These include the Tanigawadake Ropeway, Takumi no Sato, Doai Station, Suwakyo, the Tanigawadake Tenjindaira Ski Area, Norn Minakami Ski Resort, Teriha Valley, Yagisawa Dam, Tsukiyono Vidro Park, Minakami Hodaigi Ski Place, and more.
Be sure to check some of these out when you're in the area.

There are also spots where you can enjoy a day trip to hot springs, such as Yuterume Tanigawa and Suzumori no Yu.

Summary of Senjuan

"'Bettei Senjuan' YADO-PV/JAPAN : 宿PV 別邸 仙寿庵03," produced by "private-onsen JAPAN" is a video introducing the charms of Senjuan, a luxury ryokan at Tanigawa Onsen.

Just watching the video and seeing everything the ryokan has to offer is enough to make you want to book a trip.
Accommodation fees vary by seasons and room type. Please check the official website, or travel websites for more details.

【Address】614 Tanigawa, Minakami, Tone District, Gunma 379-1619
【Access】About 10 minutes by car from the Minakami Interchange

【Official Website】Senjuan at Tanigawa Onsen in Gunma


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