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Introducing Tokai in Aichi Prefecture

This is a PR video titled “Tokai, Aichi Prefecture Promotional Footage - From 1969 to the Future” (愛知県東海市シティプロモーション映像 「1969年→未来へ」), produced by tokaicityofficial.
Tokai is named in the hope that the city would represent the Tokai region.

This short two-and-a-half-minute video is a speedy introduction of the attractive views, events, and tourist destinations in Tokai.
Starting with the footage of old Tokai, scenes of the bustling city in the present day will give you the impression of a “Safe, Futuristic City that Connects People with Dreams” (the city’s slogan), and the footage makes one feel as if the city will continue to develop into the future.

Sightseeing in Tokai, Aichi Prefecture

Shurakuen Buddha
Photo:Shurakuen Buddha

Tokai in Aichi Prefecture has many iron works from long ago, and developed as the “City of Steel.”
In 1969, the present Tokai was born as the result of a merger between the towns of Ueno and Yokosuka.

A large Buddha is perched on the scenic hill overlooking Tokai, Aichi Prefecture, as if it's watching over the city.
The Shurakuen Buddha in Shurakuen Park, with a height of 18.79 meters (about 62 feet), that watches over Tokai, is bigger than the Buddhas in both Nara and Kamakura.
Be sure to add this landmark to your itinerary when you visit Tokai.
The Buddha statue is shown at 0:42 in the video.
Even just from watching the video you can feel the scale of the statue.
Tourists can also visit hidden gems, such as Observation Hill in Oike Park to enjoy the scenic beauty, as well as the Aichi Prefectural Art Theater.

The Summer Festivals of Tokai, Aichi Prefecture

One of the most popular summer events in Tokai, Aichi Prefecture is the Tokai Fireworks Festival.
The popular firework festival, which represents Tokai, is held in the city at Oike Park. It provides a spectacular view for visitors.
Experience the spectacular fireworks of the Tokai Fireworks Festival in the footage at 1:23 in the video.
Tokai also has a unique festival called the "Silent Bon Festival" where locals dance to music played in their earphones, as not to annoy people living in the surrounding area.

Event Information for Tokai, Aichi Prefecture

The Ota Festival and Owari Yokosuka Festival are known as the two largest float festivals in the city.
Beside these, the city is filled with a festive atmosphere during tourist events such as the pop culture event ANIMAN, the Ryukyu Festival for introducing attractions of Okinawa City (one of Tokai’s sister cities), and the Tokai Autumn Festival.

The Ota River area has events including the Nippon Domannaka Festival and the Ota River Hot Summer Garden during summer, and the Winter Illumination at Ota River during winter.
The event venues are lined with stalls where tourists can purchase local food and souvenirs.

The Tokai Half Marathon organized in December also gathers attentions from both locals and tourists.
Check out the video to see footage of these events and festivals!

Summary of Tokai, Aichi Prefecture

The video has a lot of amazing things to see.
So many traditional Japanese festivals and events are organized in Tokai, Aichi Prefecture!
Enjoy the scenic beauty, as well as the events/festivals in Tokai, Aichi Prefecture, through the video.
Tokai, Aichi Prefecture truly is a fascinating tourist destination! When you make a trip to the city, be sure to join in the festive events. It'll be an experience you won't forget!

【Official Website】Tokai, Aichi Prefecture city official website

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