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About the Boat Race PR Video

"BOAT RACE and the City │ Boat Race PR [BOATRACE official](BOAT RACE and the City │ボートレースPR【ボートレース公式 BOATRACE official】)" is a PR video work that allows you to enjoy the power of boat racing.

The speed and power at these waterside stadiums is extraordinary and attracts many people.
Powerful races, as you can see throughout the video, are sometimes called "water martial arts."

Finding and cheering for your favorite athlete is one of the appeals of all public sports.
This time, I will introduce boat racing in detail.

What Is Boat Racing? What Is a Boat Race?

Image of Boat Race
Photo:Boat Race

Boat racing is one of the government-controlled competitive sports along with “bicycle racing”, “horse racing”, “auto racing”, etc., and is a competition performed on a motor board that applies the motorboat racing format.

The race is divided into five classes, "SG, G1, G2, G3, and General Battle". SG (Special grade) is the highest grade race.

The official name was unified as "競艇, Kyoutei" (Lit. Boat Racing) from 1997 to 2009, but from 2010, it was stylized as "BOAT RACE".
In the past, it was sometimes called a boat or motorboat race.

Boat Races at 24 Locations Nationwide!

Image of Fukuoka Boat Race Track
Photo:Fukuoka Boat Race Track

Introduced in the video at 1:01, there are 24 boat racetracks nationwide.
Here, we will introduce them in a list.

1. Kojima Boat Race Track (Okayama Prefecture)
2. Miyajima Boat Race Track (Hiroshima Prefecture)
3. Tokuyama Boat Race Track (Yamaguchi Prefecture)
4. Shimonoseki Boat Race Track (Yamaguchi Prefecture)
5. Wakamatsu Boat Race Track (Fukuoka Prefecture)
6. Ashiya Boat Race Track (Fukuoka Prefecture)
7. Fukuoka Boat Race Track (Fukuoka Prefecture)
8. Karatsu Boat Race Track (Saga Prefecture)
9. Omura Boat Race Track (Nagasaki Prefecture)
10. Amagasaki Boat Race Track (Hyogo Prefecture)
11. Suminoe Boat Race Track (Osaka Prefecture)
12. Biwako Boat Race Course (Shiga Prefecture)
13. Mikuni Boat Race Track (Fukui Prefecture)
14. Naruto Boat Race Track (Tokushima Prefecture)
15. Marugame Boat Race Field (Kagawa Prefecture)
16. Kiryu Boat Race Course (Gunma Prefecture)
17. Toda Boat Race Course (Saitama Prefecture)
18. Edogawa Boat Race Track (Tokyo)
19. Heiwajima Boat Race Track (Tokyo)
20. Tamagawa Boat Race Track (Tokyo)
21. Tokoname Boat Race Track (Aichi Prefecture)
22. Gamagori Boat Race Course (Aichi Prefecture)
23. Lake Hamana Boat Race Field (Lake Hamana)
24. Tsu Boat Race Track (Mie Prefecture)

If You Enjoy Boat Racing, Take a Gamble!

Image of Boat odds bulletin board
Photo:Boat odds bulletin board

Boat racing also has a gambling aspect, which has become very popular content.

Now, apps have appeared, and you can buy boat tickets anywhere, predict the outcome, and see the results.
Boat racing is a sport that can be enjoyed by all types of people!

Boat Race Introduction Video Summary

Today we Introduced the very popular boat race as a spectator competition. What'd you think?
There are also TV commercials featuring popular talent, so if you're interested, keep your eyes peeled.

It has a history dating back 79 years, including the period until it became a public sport, and now it has a stronger aspect of gambling, but it is still a powerful sport that you will never get tired of watching.

[Tokyo / Osaka / Fukuoka] featured in the video may have a joint tri-city battle.
If you are interested, why not visit the boat racetrack and vote?

【Official Website】boat race

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