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Introducing Events at Yugawara Onsen in Kanagawa

This video, titled "Yugawara Onsen, SIghtseeing PR Video," was made by "yugawaraonsenkanko" to introduce events at Yugawara Onsen Kanagawa, in Japan's Kanto region.
Yugawara Onsen in Yugawara machi, Kanagawa, takes about 60 minutes to get to from Yokohama. It has gained popularity as an Onsen resort among tourists in the Kanto region.
It’s especially popular among women because of its easy access by train.
Here we introduce recommended sightseeing locations and events where you can experience Japanese culture to your heart’s content.

The video introduces a lot of events and festivals.
While it's of course an attractive sightseeing spot year round thanks to its hot springs and natural scenery, but in this article we'll mainly be focusing on events shown in the video. Without further ado, let's take a look at what Yugawara has to offer!

Historical Sightseeing Events in Yugawara, Kanagawa

Image of Yugawara station
Photo:Yugawara station

Yugawara Onsen, overlooking Sagami Bay and surrounded on three sides by Hakone's outer rim, Izu, and Atami, is a scenic, nature-rich tourist destination.
Yugawara Onsen, with its beautiful seasonal scenery, hosts many events and flourishes year round.

The biggest Event is Yugawara Yassamatsuri in early August. During the festival, a dashi (festival car) and dancers wearing yukata (informal cotton kimono) walk around in an Ohayashi (Japanese orchestra) among the refreshing sea breeze in the night of Yugawara. It's truly an awesome sight.
This can be seen at 3:04 in the video.
Be sure to watch the video to see the summer festival, a long held tradition in Japan.

Festivals at Yugawara Onsen in Kanagawa

The Water Festival (湯かけ祭り, yukakematsuri), is a special festival in the hot spring town where people splash one another with hot spring water while carrying Mikoshi (portable shines) on their shoulders.
You can see this at 0:27 in the video.
We also recommend the lively Yugawara Onsen Samba Festival and the Minamoto no Yoritomo Musha Gyoretsu, a samurai parade.
Enjoy watching the festivals shown at 1:44 and 0:11 in the video.

In the summer, Yugawara seaside resort, which is crowded with beachgoers, hosts the Yugawara Onsen Maritime Fireworks Festival in August.
Yugawara's fireworks display includes a powerful dedication of Japanese drums and a display of Enshu Tezutsu hand-held fireworks, making it a lively event.
You can see this at 2:36 in the video.

Seasonal Views at Yugawara Onsen, Kanagawa

Image of Yugawara Plum Garden
Photo:Yugawara Plum Garden

There are many places where you can feel the changing of the seasons in Japan.
Nearly 4,000 plum trees bloom in early spring at the Yugawara Plum Garden in Makuyama Park.
You can see fireflies around Oku Yugawara during the summer solstice as well.
In autumn, you can enjoy the beauty of the crimson foliage at sightseeing locations, such as Manyou Park and Gojo shine.
There are a lot of Instagrammable spots in Yugawara Onsen area as well, thanks to the rich in natural scenery.

Apollo sou in Yugawara Onsen has a mandarin bath, and you can also enjoy taking a foot bath in Manyou Park. Create unforgettable memories by visiting these hidden gems in Yugawara.
Yugawara is also home to some of the delicious ramen in the country, so if you're looking to grab a bite to eat, definitely consider adding some noodles to your trip.

Summary of Yugawara Onsen, Kanagawa

Yugawara Onsen is an attractive tourist spot where you can enjoy a taste of good old Japanese culture. One of the charms of the Yugawara Onsen area is that you can stay at a hotel or Japanese inn or even visit it on a day trip from the Kanto region.
Come sightseeing in Yugawara Onsen, and see with your own eyes the picturesque scenery and spectacular festivals introduced in the video.
There's a million different ways to enjoy your trip to Yugawara Onsen!
We recommend by starting with the video above. Have a wonderful trip!

【Official Website】Kanagawa Prefecture, Yugawara Town Hall Official Website

【Official Website】Yugawara Hot Spring Resort

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Yugawara Onsen in Kanagawa Prefecture Hosts So Many Lively Festivals! There's Plenty to See and Do All Year Round at This Location, Just a 60-Minute Drive From Yokohama!
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