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This video, titled "[Tentative title] The 8th National Udon Summit in Kumagaya 2018" (【仮題】第8回 全国ご当地うどんサミット in 熊谷 2018), was released by "National Udon Summit in Kumagaya" (全国ご当地うどんサミット in 熊谷).

This video shows the 8th National Udon Summit in Kumagaya, that took place in 2018.
Thirty-two restaurants from Hokkaido to Kyushu participated in the event and 120,000 people visited the event over two days.
Visitors were able to compare unique local udon dishes and vote for their favorite participating restaurant.
2018's grand prize went to "Kumagai Udon" from Saitama Prefecture.
The video introduces 32 different types of "local udon" that vary in shape, color, and soup stock depending on the region.
We hope you'll take a look at the excitement of the event!

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Last Updated : Sep. 15, 2020
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Introducing the National Udon Summit in Kumagaya, an Event That Brings Together Unique Local Udon From All Over Japan. Which Udon Won the Grand Prize in 2018?!
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