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This video, titled "DIY☺︎ 100均のフォトフレームに隠し扉のあるドールハウスを作ってみた!Miniature dollhouse with hidden door!" was released by "Hanabira工房"

This is a popular DIY video that received over 1 million views within a month of its release!
In the video, you can see a dollhouse with a hidden door being made. It uses mainly wood and 100-yen products.

In the 40-minute video, you can enjoy watching the amazing process of making this hidden-door dollhouse.
One of the highlights is the fried eggs and bacon on a frying pan that can be seen at 29:11 in the video.
It's hard to believe they're smaller than a one-yen coin.

A Wooden Dollhouse With a Hidden Door! This Masterpiece Is Made With 100 Yen Materials and Amazing Craftsmanship!
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