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The Craftsmanship of Bespoke Shoemakers

"Meet the Japanese shoemaker who doesn't want his shoes to stand out | Remarkable Living" is a video that introduces shoe making craftsmanship by a shoemaker in Tokyo.

Shoji Kawaguchi, a bespoke shoemaker from the shoe studio "MARQUESS" in Ginza, Tokyo, makes luxury shoes like those seen in the video.

Shoji Kawaguchi studied abroad at a shoe vocational school in Northampton, England, and studied the skills of handmade British shoes under Paul Wilson.
He was fascinated by the classic British shoes he had seen during his time there and later became an independent shoe making professional.

Hand Made Shoes

From 1:30 on the video, the process of making handmade shoes by shoemaker Shoji Kawaguchi is introduced.

The shoemaker first designs a shoe pattern and makes a paper pattern. He then make a wooden pattern according to the shape of the shoe.
Next, he cuts the leather and other materials, sews them, and attaches the soles.
All the work of MARQUESS shoe specialists is done by hand.

As you can see in the video, Shoji Kawaguchi's shoe store has numerous shoe fitters.
This is proof that the shoes were made according to the shape of each client's foot.
The craftsmanship cultivated through many long years of training and work is indispensable in creating a classic shoe that fits snugly.

The Commitment of MARQUESS' Shoemaker, Shoji Kawaguchi

All of MARQUESS' shoes are bespoke shoes. Tailor-made shoes are made according to the customer's preferences, after careful consideration of the type of leather and design requirements.
MARQUESS checks not only the size of the feet but also the fashion of customers' suits and clothes, and proposes the best shoes to suit each individual.

The reason why Shoji Kawaguchi makes classic shoes is introduced at 0:15 in the video.
He says he wants to do a variety of shoe designs, but he wants to do this after mastering classic shoes because classic shoes are the basis for everything.
When he first saw the shoes, all handmade in Northampton, England, he was inspired and felt compelled to pursue the craft.

In addition, Shoji Kawaguchi feels that the most beautiful shoes are bespoke shoes from the 1930s to the 1940s, and says that he is studies daily to make shoes closer to the originals.
In addition, Shoji Kawaguchi's commitment to shoes is discussed throughout this 6-minute video.

Summary of Bespoke Shoemakers

In these videos, you can see the meticulous and high quality craftsmanship that only expert shoe makers posses!
In the video, you'll see a world you never knew existed.
Bespoke shoes are a little more expensive than regular shoes because all processes are done by hand.

The appeal of these shoes is that you can get a pair that you can cherish and that will last you a long time.
I bet you'll want your own pair of bespoke shoes after watching the video.

【Official Website】Marquess

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Last Updated : Mar. 17, 2022
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Shoji Kawaguchi - A Skilled Japanese Shoemaker in Tokyo! His Bespoke Shoes Are an Awesome Display of Craftsmanship!
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