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The Terraced Tea Plantations Lining the Hills of Okubo, Shizuoka

This video, titled "03 Okubo. Tea plantations Lining the Rolling Hills (Morimachi, Shizuoka)" (03 大久保 立体集落の茶園(静岡県森町)), was produced by "静岡県森町Morimachi Tourism." It shows the breathtaking views of the tea plantations lining the hills of Morimachi (森町), Shizuoka Prefecture, in the Tokai region.

Shizuoka Prefecture is famous as a tea-producing district in Japan, and there are many tea farmers in the area.
Okubo, located at the foot of Mt. Fuji and known for its mild climate, has scenic tea plantations lining the hills of villages.

The Beautiful Scenery of Okubo's Tea Plantations

Featured in the video at 0:45, you can see a scenic view of the tea plantations where Shizuoka tea is produced, via aerial footage.
Okubo is also called the "Little Kyoto in Enshu" because of the beautiful nature and traditions that remain from the old days of Japan.

Okubo once prospered from "Akiba-mode," a pilgrimage to Akihasan Hongu Akiha Shrine in Hamamatsu City (浜松市) Shizuoka Prefecture, and the salt trade around Lake Hamana (浜名湖).
The area around the Sengoku Yume Kaido (Sengoku Yume Highway), shown at 1:13 in the video, has many historical sites remaining from the Warring States Period.

Also Mt. Sanmaru, featured at 1:05, creates a beautiful natural landscape as it overlooks the village.

Traditional Events in Okubo, Shizuoka

The Summer Festival in Okubo, introduced at 1:24 in the video, is a popular summer tradition in the Okubo, Morimachi, Shizuoka.
The parade of floats through the Tea plantations on the hills of Okubo brings on a feeling of tradition.
Tea plantations coupled with music and taiko drums echoing among the nature-rich mountains will have you feeling like you're in a Japan of the past.
If you want to experience the beauty Japan's landscapes, be sure to make your way out to the village to see the festival.

Summary of Okubo, Shizuoka's Tea Fields

The video introduces the amazing scenery of Okubo, Shizuoka's tea plantations.
The scenic view of the endless tea plantations on the gentle hillsides is great for Instagram as well.

For those looking to take a relaxing trip to some of Japan's lesser known sightseeing destinations, consider visiting the tea plantations lining the hills of Okubo, Shizuoka!

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Last Updated : Nov. 16, 2022
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A Beautiful View of the Tea Fields Lining the Rolling Hills of Okubo, Shizuoka! The Serenity of Japan's Tea Fields Will Move You...
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