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Introducing "Cat Paradise" in Aoshima, Ehime Prefecture

"JG☆☆☆4K 愛媛 青島(十数人の住民と百匹のネコ) Ehime, Aoshima (10+ residents and 100+ cats)" produced by "JAPAN GEOGRAPHIC" is a sightseeing video introducing the charms of Aoshima, an island floating in the Seto Inland Sea.

In this video, the many cats of Aoshima, Ehime Prefecture, located in Japan's Shikoku region, are filmed for over an hour.
This is a must watch for cat lovers!
See how many cats you can count while sightseeing at Aoshima's "Cat's Paradise."

Sightseeing in Aoshima, Ehime Prefecture

Image of Aoshima

Located in Nagahamacho, Ozu City, Ehime Prefecture, Aoshima is only 0.49 square kilometres, about the size of 10 Tokyo Domes. as of 2019, only three families with a total of six people live there.
Aoshima, Ehime Prefecture, is also called "Nekojima" (Cat Island), and there are more than 200 cats on the island.

A cat called “Dokin-chan”, which is particularly popular among the other felines, has had a photo book made about it, and it is loved by many fans.
Around Aoshima, net fishing and single-line fishing are thriving, so you can enjoy gourmet seafood made with the freshest catches.
In August, the historic festival "Aoshima Bon Odori," which is designated as an Ehime Prefecture Intangible Folk Cultural Property, is held, and it is very popular.

Highlights of Aoshima's "Cat Paradise"

Image of cat in the Aoshima
Photo:Cats at Aoshima

There are plenty of highlights in this hour long video!
Hundreds of cats are seen throughout the video.
As we said before, it's the perfect place for cat lovers.

At 3:34 in the video, you can see several cats gathering near a docked ship, looking for some treats no doubt.
At around 10:33 in the video, you can see cats playing with fish and at 20:41, we see a large number of cats gathering up to be fed by the islands visitors.

Aoshima Shrine on the island is also home to cats.
This can be seen at 31:09 in the video.
You can see various things in the video, such as cats basking in the sun, and sometimes they even get into some quarrels.
Try to find your favorite scene!

How to Get to Aoshima

You can get to Aoshima by heading to Nagahama Port, a one-minute walk from JR Iyo Nagahama Station, and taking the local ferry.
The only way to access Aoshima is the regular ferry which has a capacity of 34 people.
The fare is 700 yen one way and 1360 yen round trip. (As of November 2019)
The timetable is as follows: Departure from Nagahama at 8: 00/14: 30, and departure from Aoshima Port at 8: 45/16: 15 (* As of November 2019). Restrooms are located at the docking area, and there are also day trips to see Aoshima and its surroundings.

The ferry may be canceled due to inclement weather, so if you don't want your trip to be interrupted, we recommend staying at a hotel in Nagahama, Ehime Prefecture and gathering information there.
Please note that there are no accommodations or shops on the island.

The Problem With the "Cat Paradise," Aoshima

Most cats that live on Aoshima are strays, so many cats have not been fixed, and you can still see kittens, as you can see at 7:35 in the video.
An increase in the number of cats and the deterioration of the environment are 2 of the island's major problems.
Aoshima has a small population, and it's possible that ferries to the island may be stopped in the future.

If there is no one left on the island, cat management and feeding problems may occur. Because of this, immediate action is required.
When tourists travel to Aoshima by ferry, they must follow rules, such as cleaning up their garbage and feeding limits.

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200 Cats in Aoshima, Ehime?! Enjoy the Best Sightseeing Spot for Cat Lovers, “Cat's Paradise”!
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