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Shizuoka Prefecture Sightseeing Guide!

This video, titled "Shizuoka Sightseeing Activity Edition Part 1" (静岡観光 アクティビティ編 Part-1), contains footage of Shizuoka prefecture's idol group ROSARIO+CROSS (ロザリオクロス) introducing sightseeing activities in Shizuoka prefecture!
There are numerous activities to enjoy in Shizuoka prefecture; an area steeped in natural beauty and home to the World Heritage Site Mt. Fuji and the magnificent Suruga Bay.

Enjoy the reactions of idol group ROSARIO+CROSS as they try out different activities and share their thoughts!

Paragliding in Shizuoka Prefecture!

From 1:07 in the video, you can see the Asagiri Plateau Paragliding School (アサギリ高原パラグライダースクール, asagirikougen paraguraida-suku-ru) located in Nebara, Fuji city.
The thought of paragliding may be slightly intimidating for someone who has never done it; however, this school offers a "Tandem flight course" where you can paraglide alongside an instructor, so even beginners can enjoy it.

You can reach the take off area easily by mine cart.
After a brave take off, you'll enjoy a beautiful view of the nearby scenery as you soar across the sky.
There is also a paragliding area at the nearby Sky Asagiri (スカイ朝霧).

On top of that, there's a practice area and facilities for children, making it an experience that you can enjoy with the whole family!
Recently an increasing number of people are using the area for paragliding training and to polish their skills.

In the video, you can see two members of ROSARIO+CROSS receive guidance from an instructor and from 2:52 you can see them paraglide down a small hill all by themselves.
Then, from 4:10 you can see them take the mine cart to the take off area.
Watch as they soar across the sky like birds!

Bungee Jumping in Shizuoka Prefecture!

As you can see from 6:42 in the video, you can try bungee jumping from Sudokeikoku bridge (須津渓谷橋, sudokeikokubashi) at Sudokawa ravine (須津川渓谷, sudokawakeikoku) located in the Hina area (比奈) of Fuji city.
Bungee jump instructors are there to guide you so you will feel safe and secure.
Secured by a safety rope, you can experience the thrilling 54-meter drop surrounded by the beautiful scenery of Odana Falls (大棚の滝, oodananotaki).

The Sudokawa ravine area is also famous for the scenery created by the beautifully colored leaves in fall.
From 8:24 in the video, after listening to the instructors guidance the two members of ROSARIO+CROSS let out a scream and jump!

Many More Activities to Enjoy in Shizuoka!

Image of Hiker enjoying the early summer wetlands
Photo:A hiker enjoying the early summer wetlands

There are plenty of other activities you can enjoy in the Fuji and Gotemba areas (御殿場エリア) of Shizuoka prefecture.

Some of these include trekking, barbecuing, river and sea rafting, sea kayaking, scuba diving, wakeboarding and standup paddleboarding.

Summary of Sightseeing in Shizuoka Prefecture

Image of Mount Fuji and Asagiri Plateau
Photo:Mount Fuji and Asagiri Plateau

For those looking to try out the activities featured in the video, such as paragliding or bungee jumping, we recommend taking a trip to the Mt. Fuji area in Shizuoka!

Please be aware that the activities in this video require a reservation beforehand.
Make sure to check the address, business hours, access, and parking information ahead of time.
Enjoy your trip to Shizuoka!

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Enjoy a Plethora of Popular Activities While Looking Out Onto the Magnificent Natural Scenery of Mount Fuji and Suruga Bay, and Watch Shizuoka's Local Idols Try Out Paragliding and Bungee Jumping!
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