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An Ocean View of Tokashiki Island, AKA "Kerama Blue" in This 10-Minute Video

This video, titled "Diving on Tokashiki Island|Recommended Day Trip Spots in Okinawa|4K Cinematic|Tokashiki Beach|Okinawa Tokashiki Diving Kerama Islands Snorkeling" (渡嘉敷島でダイビング 日帰り出来るオススメ沖縄旅行スポット ・4Kシネマティック ・トカシクビーチ okinawa tokashiki diving 慶良間諸島 シュノーケル), was produced by "TAKEMI Hair dresser."

The sea in Tokashiki Island is called "Kerama Blue" and is a crystal clear blue.
The crystal clear blue sea seen from the beach is shown at 0:56 in the video.

This video of scuba diving on Tokashiki Island, shot before a typhoon, proves that the water is both clear and stunningly beautiful.
A magnificent coral reef can be seen at 3:50 in the video.

From 4:35 you can see sea snakes, and a variety of colorful fish, such as ocellaris clownfish can be seen at 7:18 in the video.
Enjoy scuba diving in the beautiful sea of Tokashiki Island.
Don't forget to take your camera so you can take some awesome pictures for Instagram!

More About Tokashiki Island, Okinawa

Image of Tokashiki Island, Okinawa
Photo:Tokashiki Island, Okinawa

Tokashiki Island is an attractive island located roughly 40 kilometers west of Naha City (那覇市, Naha-Shi), Okinawa Prefecture.
It takes only 35 minutes to get to via high-speed vessel and 75 minutes to get to via ferry from the city.
The village of Tokashiki (渡嘉敷村, Tokashiki-Son), Shimajiri District (島尻郡, Shimajiri-Gun), consisting of ten islands within the Kerama Islands (慶良間諸島, Kerama-Shoto), is the largest of the islands, with a population of approximately 730 people.

The waters of the Kerama Islands, known as the "Kerama Blue," are highly regarded both in Japan and abroad and are visited by 130,000 tourists and divers a year.
In 2014, it was designated as Kerama Islands National Park.

Tokashiki Island Has a Full Range of Marine Shops. Experience the "Kerama Blue" With a Personalized Plan!

Image of diving, Okinawa
Photo:Diving, Okinawa

One of the most popular leisure activities on Tokashiki Island is water sports.
Tokashiki Island has a number of marine shops, and one of the best is called "SeaFriend."
They offer a lot of options, like snorkeling for ages 6+, as well as advanced scuba diving to obtain a license.
You can also enjoy banana boat rides during the summer.

On top of that, SeaFriend also has accommodations for overnight stays.
There are log-cabin type and guesthouse type buildings, and Wi-Fi services are available in both.
The overnight stay and scuba diving plan is especially popular.
Many guests come here alone to get their scuba diving certification.
They're also happy to answer questions regarding diving points.

Attractive Sights and Delicious Food on Tokashiki Island!

Image of a sea turtle
Photo:Sea turtle

We highly recommend exploring Tokashiki Island after scuba diving, as it's full of exciting tourist attractions.

Tokashiki Port is known as the gateway to Tokashiki Island.
Aharen Beach, a 10-minute bus ride from the port, is one of the most popular beaches on Tokashiki Island.
The sunset viewed from the Aharen Observatory is a beautiful sight that will take your breath away.
Hanari Island, near the beach, contributes to the spectacular view.
Tokashiku Beach is also famous for its sea turtles.

Since there is no bus service, we recommend a rental car.
Mt. Akama, the highest point on Tokashiki Island, has the remains of a fire beacon used by the Ryukyu government as a means of communication during the Edo Period (1603-1868 A.D.).
The summit has a great view of the surrounding islands, so we definitely recommend checking it out.

And one more thing before I forget!
The food on Tokashiki Island!
"Kuinomiya Barakku" is a restaurant popular for its curry and Okinawan noodles.
"Ryoshi-Shokudo Kanaloa" offers a specialty bowl of rice served with fresh fish and vegetables from Tokashiki Island.
Both restaurants are perfect spots to relax after a long day of scuba diving.
"Tuna Jerky" is a great souvenir to take back home.
They say that sometimes the supply can't keep up with the demand because it's so popular!

Summary of Tokashiki Island, Okinawa

Image of Tokashiki Island, Okinawa
Photo:Tokashiki Island, Okinawa

On Tokashiki Island, time flows slowly and it's a perfect spot for scuba diving.
From 5:00 in the video, you can see the sunlight shining down mystically on the sea turtles, and just watching them is relaxing.
So, are you ready to go scuba diving yet?
Get your bags packed for an awesome adventure of scuba diving and exploration!

【Official Website】Tokashiki Island Official Website

【Tripadvisor】Tokashiki Island

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Exploring and Scuba Diving on Tokashiki Island, Just 35 Minutes From the Main Island of Okinawa! Information To Make Your Trip To Tokashiki Island 110% Fun!
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