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Diving on Minna Island: Video Introduction

This video, titled "Diving School Kaitei Shounen|Okinawa|Minna Island Tour" (ダイビングスクール海底少年 沖縄 水納島ツアー), was uploaded by "Diving & Snowboarding KAITEISHOUNEN" (ダイビング&スノーボードKAITEISHOUNEN).
It introduces diving at Minna Island, a remote island in the northern part of Okinawa's main island. Be sure to check out the underwater footage of the beautiful, clear waters of Minna Island before reading on.

About Minna Island

Image of Minna Island, Okinawa
Photo:Minna Island, Okinawa

Minna Island is located in the northern part of Okinawa's main island. To get there, you'll have to take the high-speed boat "New Wing Minna" from Toguchi Port, which takes about 15 minutes. The island was uninhabited in the past, but is now a small island with a population of about 50 people.
Minna Island is also called "Croissant Island" because it's shaped like a croissant when viewed from above. Surrounded by crystal clear waters and coral reefs, the island attracts as many as 60,000 tourists a year. Minna Island is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the main island of Okinawa, where visitors can enjoy scuba diving, as well as snorkeling, banana boating, and other activities.

Diving Spots on Minna Island

Image of the waters of Okinawa
Photo:The waters of Okinawa

One of the most attractive features of Minna Island is its crystal-clear waters! There are days when the water level exceeds 40 meters. Scuba diving is the best way to enjoy the beautiful underwater world of Minna Island. There are many diving spots on Minna Island as well.
The most famous diving spots are: Todaishita, Yellow Fish Rock, Wasawasa, Popeye, Olive, Cable, Yosuji no Ne, and Portside. The dive sites offer many beautiful coral formations and colorful tropical fish that can only be seen there, as well as schools of lionfish and snappers.

Snorkeling Spots on Minna Island

Additionally, scuba diving on Minna Island is very popular among snorkelers, as large, colorful fish can be seen everywhere without having to go to these dive sites. Here are some recommended snorkeling spots.
Minna Beach
・Kamomeiwa Beach
・Todaishita Beach
・Konan Beach
・Nishi no Hama Beach

Tons of Fun on Minna Island Beach

Image of Minna Island Beach
Photo:Minna Island Beach

Scuba diving is just one of the many ways to enjoy Minna Island. At Minna Beach, you can enjoy swimming, marine sports, and a variety of other activities!

Activities include snorkeling in the Blue Cave, banana boating, water skiing, parasailing, and more. One-day tours that include these activities are very popular. If you sign up for a tour, you can enjoy the activities without having to bring any of your own equipment.

There are also guesthouses and other lodging facilities on Minna Island. After the day-trippers have gone home, you can enjoy the quiet atmosphere of the remote island.

Do You Need a Certification/License to Dive at Minna Island

Image of Minna Island, Okinawa
Photo:Minna Island, Okinawa

Many divers enjoy scuba diving in the beautiful waters of Minna Island. Diving that tourists can also enjoy is called experience diving.

In general, a certification (license) is required to scuba dive. However, for diving tours held at tourist spots, such as experience diving, you'll be taught basic diving techniques, how to breathe, and pressure equalization by an instructor in advance. An instructor will also be with you during the dive, so you can dive even without a license.

Other types of scuba diving include commercial diving for underwater civil engineering and undersea bottom surveys (for occupational diving, air-powered diving is the most common method) and technical diving, which is enjoyed as an "extreme sport" by experienced and certified divers.

Free diving, which does not use any equipment like scuba diving, is also well known as an "extreme sport," similar to technical diving.

If you want to explore the beautiful waters of Minna Island and other islands to the fullest, consider getting a diving license. Once you have a license, you can enjoy diving freely within the limits of safety with a buddy, and without the need for an instructor.

Summary of Minna Island

Minna Island is a beautiful island surrounded by beautiful blue waters and coral reefs, and is one of the best diving spots on mainland Okinawa. Furthermore, it's a sightseeing spot where you can enjoy not only scuba diving, but a variety of other marine sports as well.
Regardless of your age or gender, you can experience an unforgettable trip of a lifetime on this beautiful island in Okinawa. The breathtaking nature of Minna Island awaits you!

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A Diving Video on Minna Island, Tokushima! Explore the Croissant Shaped Island Surrounded by Coral Reefs and Blue Waters
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