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Introducing Unzen Kanko Hotel

This video, titled "【公式】雲仙観光ホテル / Unzen Kanko Hotel Promotion Movie," was released by "Unzen Kanko Hotel."
It introduces Unzen Kanko Hotel in the Unzen area of Nagasaki Prefecture, where you can enjoy the quaint atmosphere of the early Showa period.

Unzen Kanko Hotel was established on October 10, 1935, the year after Unzen National Park was designated the first national park in Japan.
Unzen Kanko Hotel, with its concept of "new nostalgia," is a relaxing classic hotel that retains the atmosphere of the early Showa period, and has also been designated a Nationally Registered Tangible Cultural Property.

Facilities at Unzen Kanko Hotel

Unzen Kanko Hotel has a Swiss mountain lodge-style design (half-timbered style), giving it a nostalgic atmosphere.
The facilities inside, seen from 1:42 in the video, create a stylish space that combines the beauty of East and West, including the 200 tsubo (1 tsubo = ~3.3m²) dining room, where a dance party was once held, as well as the front desk, stairs, and guest rooms.
It can also be used for banquets and weddings.

The hotel also has a classical pool hall which can be seen from 1:34 in the video.
Stained glass and Art Deco tiles are used in the bathroom, which uses water from Koito Jigoku Onsen.
The onsen has a sulfur spring bath and a family bath, and is an acidic, iron and sulfur-containing, aluminum-sulfate spring that helps heal chronic skin diseases, chronic women's diseases, chronic digestive disorders, diabetes, neuralgia, arthritic pain, bruises, cuts, motor paralysis, and hemorrhoids. The guest rooms, which can be seen from 1:06 in the video, are available as special rooms, including oriental, premium twin, superior twin, superior triple, deluxe twin, deluxe double, etc., so you can enjoy your stay in luxury.

Dining at Unzen Kanko Hotel

When staying at such a luxury hotel it'd be a shame to miss out on the delicious local cuisine.
For lunch and dinner at Unzen Kanko Hotel, you can enjoy French cuisine using locally produced ingredients.

The hotel has a bar, cafe terrace, and lounge, so you can relax in whichever space suits you best.
We also recommend the famous Gorgonzola baked cheesecake as a souvenir.

Popular Sightseeing Destinations Around Unzen Kanko Hotel

image of Unzen Nita Pass Nagasaki Prefecture
Photo:Unzen Nita Pass Nagasaki Prefecture

There are many places to go sightseeing in the Unzen area.
Unzen Nita Pass and Unzen Jigoku however, are two sightseeing spots that we highly recommend checking out.

Besides that, visitors can enjoy sports at the Unzen Golf Course and Unzen Tennis Court, or spend some time appreciating artwork at the Unzen Bidro Museum; whatever you choose, you're sure to have a memorable experience

Summary of Unzen Kanko Hotel

Unzen Kanko Hotel is a popular hotel with good reviews.
The hotel is quite far from the station, but there is a shuttle bus available so you should have no trouble accessing it.

We also recommend visiting with a travel tour.
Book this popular hotel and enjoy the finest moments of peace and relaxation.

【Official Website】Unzen Kanko Hotel | A Classic Hotel Located in Unzen, Nagasaki

【Tripadvisor】Unzen Kanko Hotel

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Unzen Kanko Hotel in the Unzen Area of Nagasaki Prefecture Is a Popular Nostalgic Hotel Where You Can Enjoy the Atmosphere of the Early Showa Period. What Is It About Unzen Kanko Hotel That Keeps Visitors Coming Back for More?
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