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SAKE COMPETITION 2014, Japan's Largest Sake-Drinking Event

This video was shot at SAKE COMPETITION 2014, Japan's largest sake-making event.
At the event, the award ceremony and tasting of the award-winning breweries in each category is held, with guest presenter Hidetoshi Nakata, actor Yoshihiko Hakamada, TV personality Amie Izawa and other celebrities sharing their passion for sake.

The following sake breweries won first place in each category.

【Free Style Under 5000 Division】
Sumikawa Shuzo [Toyobijin Daiginjo Jipangu]

【Free Style Division】
Matsuzaki Shuzo [Hirotogawa Daiginjo]

【Junmai Division】
Miyaizumi [Sharaku Junmai]

【Junmai Ginjo Division】
Miyaizumi [Sharaku Junmai Ginjo Bizen-Omachi」

【Junmai Daiginjo Division】
Miyagi Sake [Yamawa Junmai Daiginjo]

Be sure to check out the video to see the winners being chosen!

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The Most Popular Sake in Each Category! SAKE COMPETITION 2014, Japan's Largest Sake-Drinking Event!
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