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Check Out This Video About Ryokusuien in Fukushima

This video「四季の里 緑水苑の春(福島県 郡山市・本宮市)」is about a beautiful Japanese garden located in Ryokusuien (Koriyama city/Motomiya city Fukushima).
You can see beautiful weeping cherry blossoms during this 3-minute video clip.

You can see the majestic figure of Mount Adatara which has a bit of snow left on it at 0:03 in the video.
Please enjoy watching the beautiful spring scenery in Japan in the video.

What Can You Explore at Ryokusuien in Fukushima?

Image of spring at Ryokusuien
Photo:Spring at Ryokusuien

Ryokusuien is a popular Japanese garden that is built along Gohyaku river between Kikutamachi Horiuchi in Koriyama city and Iwane in Motomiya city.

One of the most attractive things to enjoy is walking around and seeing the beautiful seasonal flowers and hearing the calm rivers flowing.
Especially in spring, when cherry blossoms bloom, tourists are enchanted by breathtaking scenery all around.

When are the cherry blossoms and autumn leaves at Shikinosato Ryokusuien?

Image of spring at Ryokusuien
Photo:Spring at Ryokusuien

About 2.500 cherry trees bloom in early spring at Shikinosato Ryokusuien, and the best time to view the cherry blossoms is usually from mid to late April.
There are also many kinds of flowers blooming such as plums, peach trees, forsythias, rose bays, moss pinks, daffodils, skunk cabbages and irises, and more.

The best time to view the autumn foliage of about 200 trees in Shikinosato Ryokusuien is from early to mid-November; in 2023, the best time to view the foliage was in mid-November, later than usual.
Stroll through the cherry blossom viewing spots where you can enjoy scenery of all four seasons. It really calms the spirits.

Take a Trip to Ryokusuien!

We recommend taking a walk around Hana no Teien (the flower garden).
On the way, you can see various kinds of trees and stones such as Suikinkutsu(stone pot), Keikaboku (fossil tree trunks), Ushi no Ki (a tree shaped like a cow), Kame no Ishi (a stone shaped like a turtle) and Azumaya(Chickee).

When Fall comes, Imoni (outdoor food festival) is held in the barbecue area.
Don't worry about bringing meat, vegetables, rice balls, etc. You can buy them there.
It's also a great location for those who have pets to bring with them to the dog park.

Summary of Ryokusuien in Fukushima

We introduced you to a video of the spring scenery at Ryokusuien in Fukushima.
As you can see, it is surrounded by cherry blossoms which makes it a great place to take Instagram photos.
We would recommend checking when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom before visiting to get the best experience.

◆Ryokusuien - A Village of Four Seasons◆
【Address】Koriyama city Kikuta MachiHorinouchi Akatumae 71 to Motomiya Iwane Kawahara 208-1
【Access】About a 15-minute by car from Tohoku Expressway/Koriyama IC ・Hongu
【Admission fee】 Adults 500 yen Students(elementary/junior high) 300 yen (May 1st to July 20th) Adults 300 yen Students (elementary/junior high) 200 yen (April 1st to April 30th, July 21st to December 31st)
【Visiting hours】Spring/Summer: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Fall/Winter:8:30 am to 4 pm
【Parking】ordinary vehicles 200, fully equipped accomodations, and 10 large buses (free)
【 Phone】024-959-6764

【Official Website】Shiki no Sato Ryokusuien Kikutamachi Koriyama, Fukushima

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Last Updated : Mar. 1, 2021
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Ryokusuien in Fukushima Prefecture Is Home to Many Beautiful Flowers. Like a Scene From a Fairytale; Don’t Miss the Splendid Scenery of Cherry Blossoms Blooming All Around You!
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