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This video, titled "FARET TACHIKAWA PR(ファーレ立川アートプロモーション)," was released by "Tachikawa City Video Channel" (立川市動画チャンネル).

Faret Tachikawa, as introduced in this video, is known as the "City of Art" where many public art installations by artists from around the world have been installed.

The area was built in 1994 as part of a redevelopment project on the site of a former U.S. military base at JR Tachikawa Station, and it has become a tourist spot where people from many countries stop by to take a look at the 109 pieces of public art that have been installed.

This video introduces Faret Tachikawa in a very stylish way, so if you are interested in art, be sure to check it out!

The streets of Tachikawa, Tokyo are surrounded by artworks of art. Enjoy the stylish
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