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A Café with Works of Art and Magnificent Scenery

At the café of the Nagi Museum of Contemporary Art, visitors can enjoy works of art and magnificent views.
The café is a place where visitors can relax and enjoy the exhibits while also gazing out at the peak of Mt. Nagi. Various works can be seen in the foreground, while Mt. Nagi is used as a sort of "Borrowed Scenery" in the background.
Also nearby is La gita, which serves authentic Neapolitan pizza and pasta, and Café Calme, which is attached to a rental gallery and offers baked goods and coffee.
[Video] 0:31 - Nagi MOCA Café

Enjoy Sightseeing Nearby at Waterfalls and Temples!

Image of Yashiki Falls
Photo:Yashiki Falls

Surrounded by a rich natural primeval forest, Yashiki Falls (屋敷の滝, Yashiki no Taki) features a beautiful view of cascading water falling from a height of about 40 meters. The area is also known as the place where Honen, a famous Japanese Buddhist monk, first studied, and is home to the Great Ginkgo of Bodaiji Temple, (菩提寺の大イチョウ, Bodaiji Dai-Ichou) a 900-year-old tree that has been designated a Natural Monument by the Japanese government.
[Video] 1:08 - Yashiki Falls

Summary of Nagi MOCA, a Popular Installation Museum in Okayama, Japan

Image of Nagi MOCA (Nagi Museum of Contemporary Art)
Photo:Nagi MOCA (Nagi Museum of Contemporary Art)

Okayama Art Trip is a trip to enjoy the Nagi Museum of Contemporary Art and the surrounding tourist spots.
The museum is integrated with the artworks, which show different expressions depending on the season and time of day, along with the view of Mt. Nagi, a majestic natural landscape. It's truly an area where nature and art collaborate beautifully.
In this video, you can enjoy the charms of a place full of art, including Nagi MOCA, a pioneer in interactive art museums.

【Nagi MOCA Facility Information】
【Address】441 Toyosawa, Nagi, Katsuta District, Okayama 708-1323
【Telephone】0868-36-5811 FAX 0868-36-5855
【Hours】9:30-17:00 (admission by 16:30)
【Closures】Mondays (open if Monday is a national holiday) and the day following a national holiday
【Admission Fee】
General, College Students - ¥700 (¥500)
High Schoolers - ¥500 (¥350)
Junior High Schoolers – ¥300 (¥200)
※Brackets () indicate prices for groups of 20 or more people.
※Free admission for those 75 years of age or older, those with disabilities, and one caregiver (must show proof).

●Local bus (approx. time - 30 mins one way): From Tsuyama Bus Center (津山バスセンター) at JR Tsuyama Station, take the Chutetsu Hokubu Bus bound for Maguwa (馬桑) and get off at Nagi Terrace (ナギテラス) (Nagi Town Hall), and it's about a 5-minute walk.
●Chizu Express/Chizu Line (approx. time - 2 hrs and 40 mins. from Shin-Osaka Station): From JR Shin-Osaka Station, take the "Limited Express Super Hakuto" (特急スーパーはくと) and get off at Chizu Station, and then take a taxi to the museum.
●By Air (approx. time - 1 hr and 40 mins from Okayama Airport): Take a limousine bus from Okayama Airport and get off at Tsuyama Station (津山駅). Take a local bus or taxi to the museum.
●Highway Bus (approx. time - 2 hrs and 50 mins from Osaka Station): From Osaka Station, take the Chugoku Jukan Jidosha Highway Bus (中国縦貫自動車ハイウェイバス) via Shin-Osaka Station and get off at the Mimasaka Interchange stop (美作インター停留所). Take a Nagi Bus or taxi to the museum.
[Parking] 30 standard cars, 2 buses

【Official Website】Nagi – Museum of Contemporary Art

【TripAdvisor】Nagi Museum of Contemporary Art

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Nagi MOCA - A Museum of Contemporary Art in Nagi, Okayama. A Collaboration of Installation and Landscape Art Created With Nature
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