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Introducing Gifu Castle!

The video this time is titled "[Sword World] Gifu Castle|A Place to See Swords and Armor|Swords and Armor on Display in the Castle |YouTube Video" (【刀剣ワールド】「岐阜城」刀剣・甲冑に会える城|刀剣・甲冑展示の城郭 YouTube動画). It was released by "Virtual Sword Museum [Sword World]." It introduces Gifu Castle, located on Mt. Kinka in Gifu City, Gifu prefecture in Japan's Tokai region.

The ruins of Gifu Castle are also designated as a national historic site and is a tourist spot with a long history.
There used to be a saying that went, "He who controls Mino controls Japan" (Mino is present day Gifu), as Gifu Castle was once known as an impregnable fortress.

The History of Gifu Castle

Image of Gifu Castle
Photo:Gifu Castle

Gifu Castle is a beautiful castle that stands on the summit of Mt. Kinka in the formerly known territory of Minokuni Inoguchi (present-day Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture).
A full view of Gifu Castle can be seen at 0:12 in the video.

The castle was built in 1201 by the Saito family, and is said to have been the residence of Saito Dosan, who was feared as a "mamushi" (pit viper) during the Warring States period.
In 1567, Oda Nobunaga seized the territory of Inabayama Castle from Saito Tatsuokiand rebuilt it before becoming the lord of Gifu Castle.
Oda Nobunaga began to use the red seal of "Tenka Fubu" from around this time.

The successive lords of Gifu Castle were Nikaido, Iga, Mino Saito, Oda, and Toyotomi.
In the Edo period (1603-1868), the castle was abandoned and rebuilt as Kano Castle.
Eventually, in the Showa period (1926-1989), Gifu Castle was rebuilt and still stands to this day.

What kind of place is the Gifu Castle Museum which is shown in the video?

As you can see from 1:27 in the video, Gifu Castle's castle tower is a museum with many swords and armor on display.
Inside, you'll find items related to Oda Nobunaga and Saito Dosan, as well as other valuable historical documents.

The top floor is an observation deck where you can enjoy a magnificent view from Gifu Castle at an altitude of about 320 meters.
Gifu Castle Museum, which houses a collection of documents related to Gifu Castle, is shown at 2:23 in the video.
The museum was originally an armory and food storage facility, but was restored with a Sumiyagura Jokaku-zukuri style architecture.

Highlights of Gifu Castle!

Image of Autumn leaves at Gifu Park
Photo:Autumn leaves at Gifu Park

Gifu Castle also has a volunteer brigade called "The Gifu Castle Promotion Team," which organizes events such as stamp rallies.
Of course, when you visit Gifu Castle, you'll definitely want to get a red seal and castle seal to commemorate your visit.
There are also illumination events in the summer and fall seasons.

Mt. Kinka, on which Gifu Castle is located, also has a ropeway; however, we recommend visiting on foot from the Nanamagari entrance of the hiking trail.
Mt. Kinka is also home to branch castles, such as Maruyama Fort, Matsudao Fort, and Jozaiji Temple.
If you're sightseeing Gifu, be sure to stop by Dosanzuka, Odazuka, Sagiyama Castle ruins and Sunomata Castle.

Summary of Gifu Castle

Image of Gifu Castle
Photo:Gifu Castle

As you can see from the video, Gifu Castle has many valuable swords and armor in its collection.
If you're interested in the history of Japan or just a sword fanatic, be sure to stop by for a visit, there's plenty to see!
If you haven't yet, be sure to check out the video as well!

◆Gifu Castle Facility Overview◆
【Address】18 Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture 〒500-0000
【Directions】15 minutes by Gifu Bus from Meitetsu Gifu Station, 3 minutes to the top of the mountain by Kinkazan Ropeway
【Admission Fee】Adults 200 yen, children (4 years and older) 100 yen

【Official Website】Gifu Castle/Tourism Convention Department/Gifu City Official Website

【Tripadvisor】Gifu Castle (Inabayama Castle)

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Gifu Castle Is Something You Have To Cover When Talking About the History of the Warring States Period! Discover the Secrets of the Historical Castle in Gifu Prefecture That Even the Famous Warlord Oda Nobunaga Became Lord Of!
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